Robbers may wait outside houses to ambush residents as they enter or exit the property. Spear-phishers make contact under the guise of a business contact or possible future business associate, and attempt to pass information via emails that contain questionable links. 2002 April - State of emergency is declared in the north after a … 2001 April - Ghana accepts debt relief under a scheme designed by the World Bank and the IMF. Photos: Priscilla Mawuena Adjeidu/UNDP Ghana . Infant mortality rate in Ghana 2019. Taxi drivers have a reputation for taking newly arrived passengers on circuitous routes and charging excessive fares. There have been burglary attempts against expatriate residences, but perpetrators generally lack the sophistication required to overcome home alarm systems and security guards. 7. Digital Address: GA-054-9209 site = ""; For medical assistance, refer to the Embassy’s Medical Assistance page. Trafficking has also fueled increasing domestic drug consumption. U.S. citizens traveling to Ghana should register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to ensure they receive pertinent security updates and notices. Ghana has numerous chieftaincy disputes every year that generally involve competition over limited resources. Civil unrest due to chieftaincy disputes can occur at any time. Protests are common but generally peaceful, and there has been little serious or widespread civil unrest in the past few years. Head of Public Relations These activities include enforcement and control, education, treatment, rehabilitation, and reintegration. If you fear for your safety, go to the nearest police station. Avoid large crowds and demonstrations. If you fear for your safety, go to the nearest police station. Over the past year, unknown terrorist groups have conducted a string of attacks throughout neighboring Burkina Faso. Pre-arrange with your hotel or company for transportation services from the airport, and confirm the identity of drivers before entering vehicles; criminals posing as drivers have robbed travelers. The newly constructed Terminal 3 at Kotoka International Airport (ACC) has greatly improved arrivals and departures from Accra. +233 204 269 117 or pretended to be hit in order to get vehicles to stop. The terms of reference of the Committee include to identify the remote and immediate causes of the 1st January, 2019 conflict between the Anufors and the Konkombas in Chereponi and surrounding areas. If someone is following you, proceed to a police station or other public venue and do not continue to your original destination. open sources and (U) embassy reporting. Reliable sources estimate that there are 1.2 million unregistered guns in Ghana. The cost of the three (3) COVID-19 PCR tests up to a total of USD 450 – will be reimbursed for participants of sponsored KAIPTC courses. Carry adequate supplies of any needed prescription medicines, along with copies of prescriptions, the generic name of the drugs, and a supply of preferred over-the-counter medications. Unwitting recipients click on these links, compromising their email accounts and making personally identifiable information readily available to cyber criminals. Accra, February 05, 2019 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ghana and the United Nations Office for West Africa and Sahel (UNOWAS) join in congratulating the people of Dagbon and Ghanaians at large, for the milestone achievement of restoring peace in Dagbon after decades of conflict.. For additional information on scams, see the Department of State's publication on International Financial Scams and the U.S. Embassy in Accra website. October 25, 1625 Battle of Elmina; August 24, 1637 – August 29, 1637 Battle of Elmina; c. 1675 – c. 1701 Independence of the Ashanti Empire. The following is a list of conflicts in Ghana. otherwise distributing OSAC-derived information in a manner inconsistent with this policy may result in the discontinuation of OSAC support. The perpetrators, once in a virtual relationship, typically ask for money for hospital expenses, travel expenses, visa costs, or expensive gifts. By. The law provides persons with disabilities access to public buildings “as far as is practical.” However, most buildings, transportation, and educational facilities do not provide for people with special needs. Property crimes against foreigners remain a concern, especially residential burglaries and vehicle theft. For additional information on scams, see the Department of State's publication on. To avoid confusion or delays, travelers are strongly advised to obtain a valid Ghanaian visa at the Ghanaian Embassy prior to arrival. The police have a poor record of investigating and solving serious crimes. For more information, refer to OSAC’s report, Traveling with Medications. Avoid sharing itineraries with strangers, including on social media, and be alert to anyone following you to your accommodations. Examine the current status of various conflicts 4. Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Ghana are severe; convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines. Before coming to Ghana, consult with your physician regarding malaria prophylaxis and obtaining vaccinations. (2019). The use of illegal drugs procured in Ghana may have life-threatening consequences. If you use a credit card anywhere in Ghana, monitor credit card activity closely. Ghana, in this turbulent region, has to a large extent, been spared violent conflict at the national level. The use of illegal drugs procured in Ghana may have life-threatening consequences. The Government of Ghana maintains strict regulations on the sale of these natural resources; all agents must be licensed and all transactions must be certified. Credit/debit card fraud and related scams are common. There is minimal risk from terrorism in Accra.