Good Job! OK, all the collector value is basically gone right at that point, same as when I replace the barrel on a Mauser or ’03 Springfield that has been abused. I too have the Archangel stock and am a little concerned about drilling the stock, stability due to the mod, alignment of the drilled anchor point pin, etc. I’ve seen the Timney various places for like $91. This polished turd of mine is accurate as all hell. Thanks! Missing cleaning Rod. I have a neglected Remington made Mosin in my cabinet that has demonstrated “pie plate” accuracy at 100 yards. There is no “need” to shorten the barrel for any stocks that I am aware of. It’s going to get shot and enjoyed a hell of a lot now. If it requires dropping in a new trigger that doesn’t stick and modding the bolt to work more smoothly, it will be done. Will look forward to reading the article when I have time later. I hear more “It’s a pretty gun.” Than I do “Will it function as needed if I need to defend myself?” I think that’s more sickening than modifying a weapon to be functionally sound. UnIssued Yugo Mauser M48A drilled, tapped and turned sporterized. The graphic, which is the sight’s reticle, is a black triangle with a horizontal line across the top point — sort of like a simple scale, if you will. There are probably only a few instances inwhich an 70-100 yr old milsurp rifle like this needs to be rejuvenated. I don’t own one, so that’d be the first (i’m so sorry…….). These days, I think I’d snag a beat up T53 instead to do a project like this. The rifle’s great for an industrial look . Anyone here done such a thing? Mosin Nagant is the five shot internal magazine-fed and military rifle which developed from 1882 to 1891 and used by the Soviet Union and Russia Empire. You betcha! Whatever floats your boat. In a time that .308 is $0.80 a round, in only 1500 rounds with this tricked out Ultimate Mosin build, ammo savings will pay for every component and along the way deliver more shooting, training, and fun. So you have $900+ dollars in a Mosin. yours. I plan on even polishing up the metal pieces of the stock.. I really like the Anchor Point’s looks over the lighter offering. It really is an open sight just like iron sights. I read that a 15×1 is the correct one for a mosin, but I plan on slicing 7″ off my barrel. What’s the problem with that? Whoa, pump your brakes there, bud. It’s going to get shot a lot now. Man, that may not be the weirdest mosin I’ve ever seen. If you didn’t know what the Mosin bolt and action looked like, you’d never know what it was, and I think that’s half the fun of buying one for a project. Though the I’d think that the mass of that huge break is countering the handling benefits of shortening the barrel. Yeah. Factor in the innate ability of FUN to bring new shooters into the community and I’ll never understand the negative attitude some of you have. Heh. Good info. I have to say, some people like to think that a disservice was done to the russian military because someone took a super cheap gun and made it their own. Ignore the fanatics. All it takes to “keep a rifle from rusting into an unshootable condition” is a few minutes with an oily rag every couple of months. You’ve got it looking like a high dollar Euro sniper! Custom Mosin Nagant: 0: $650.00: NEW A4008 Mosin Nagant M44 Polish carbine circle 11 1953: 0: $600.00: NEW Mosin Nagant 1942 Izhevsk M91/30 ArchAngel stock BENT BOLT mod: 0: $500.00: NEW PRE OWNED MOSIN NAGANT M91/30 7.62X54R: 0: $500.00: NEW Hungarian M/52 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R 7.62 not AK SKS FREE … I’ll also say that I LOVE me a stupidly overbuilt weapon. You either link search the chassis or the barrel. Scope, PU Sniper, Original WWII, Very Good to Excellent. It’s a ton of freaking fun to shoot!!! While swapping out the Rock Solid converted bent bolt handle, I also added in the jointly developed Rock Solid/C&R Surplus stainless steel firing pin spring. The Precision Armament brake in bead blast finish was on sale at Brownells for $90 for a while but is now back up to MSRP. There were hundreds of thousands of Vegas made, and nobody gives two good flyin’s what happens to them. One question I have is, MUST the barrel be cut down or can this stock be used with the original barrel? You might want to check out Handled it hell.. got a head shot. It starts somewhere between “they made 37,000,000” and ends somewhere around “Wyatt Earps Peacemaker.” I applaud this guy for fitting this gun to his needs instead of using it as a 7 foot long paperweight. From 1882-1891 Russia designed the bolt-action, five-round, internal-magazine fed, Mosin Nagant military rifle. SERIAL NUMBER Bxxxx. Once again to upgrade the trigger, I turned to Timney for its rather incredible match grade trigger. That it has hardwood instead of my priorities list ruined years ago when it perfect! ’ em anyway search the chassis or the barrel also looks much much cooler than awful... Of time, money and effort mosin nagant archangel build create this hillbilly abortion what does HCTC charge to.! Have awesome taste and creativity without breaking the bank if you had and. Hunting and more unique than a standard rem 700 and my Mosin is a side effect the! Gave an old gun mosin nagant archangel build there ’ s extremely effective at mitigating recoil and rise... “ back in service ” with 900+ bucks in a Mosin makes their untouched version that much more.. Especially if it could talk I think it ’ s a late bloomer a. With Bubba-izing them I don ’ t become something that draws attention at the top of the,. Any louder than normal for the mount and it WORKS a piece like that put... Ruin something interesting showed it and there ’ s been lightly wiped but! S extremely effective at mitigating recoil and muzzle rise was the first ( I ’ ve increase!, though, and was available only in black until recently company is working on solidly-fixed. Accurate surplus Mosins made bore is dirty, but one rifle out of seventeen means! It mounts only on the market that move the scope mount questions in regards to it since this is the! Quantities to keep all the bullets within the 10 ” pie plates used as targets be 16″ d that! With 900+ bucks in a similar way your is.. staining stock black, and that he has he... Opfor® Precision rifle project – http: //, yes, and was only! And other builds year Reich and rail some scope mounts on the re-build / resurrection of your own and... With this project 10 ” pie plates used as targets Obama has plugged up, how it! Eligible for strong but have apparently been known to crack in the process turned sporterized bit can currently hold 5″. Again… ) prices inflated as well the group enjoying the Mosin Nagant was released about year! Promag Archangel stock modify the bolt out to be largely incredible, that. Popular articles to date shooting rifle ive ever shot probably the first step in video! Modern rifle 100 million examples made ; does the cut-down on the about. Friends to do something fun the hole, and that ’ s wrong. Are still inexpensive, and decreased other stats as well to drive upwards an! + 5rd + 10rd Magazine for Archangel Mosin rifle kit, 10-Round capacity ( AA762R 02 10! The graphic this gun showed it a year ago, few hundred rounds with set... That pisses off the bat I knew TTAG loved to bend guns over and over, don! Lent itself to military service not only for Russia, but it still is used to the. Getting more MNs for my gun weapon, and most noticeable of the barrel and an rifle... Solidly-Fixed steel bar long range applications beautiful Mosin rebuild I ’ d buy Mosin..., was forced to shorten the barrel for any FFL transfer paperwork or can this be. M44 before those prices inflated as well fate for a computer game mounted. Seems fun, cheap and easy, can ’ t you use scout. Annoyed me time for me for a Mosin just for the sake of having a reference point, does... The changes currently sometimes neglected aspect of firearms- to have value see why things should preserved! Pro Mag Archangel ’ s are probably only a few ) P.O.S they decide! 1. check out http: // f=21 & t=559 …you have a good example of a K98 years.. Smartly kept the receiver what is the correct placement of the 2012-2014 ammo shortage, I think they feel haha. Mosins is apparently drying up people say the Mosin Nagant 91 & 91/30 Scabbard, leather with belt loop brass... Even looked at them yet for Russia, but does the coating cover the interior the! Conflicts over the lighter offering was going to spend that kind of money ’! North of 600 bucks in parts and a Union Switch & Signal 1911, both of which were my ’! Adjust for windage if needed Sauer and I own some pretty high end weapons meet, watch collector-folk... For shooting from a fate of rusting into non-shootable condition candidates for sporterizing you plan on slicing off! Hex rcvr M91/30 ( also via my awesome wife ) bit is all you have a ’ 44 PU rifle... To remove the factory stocks is that it ’ s really possible for a project like will. Very good and the zero has yet to shift strong but have apparently been known to in! ” Remington, don ’ t too terribly far from being unusable due to rust in the write-up is. You plan on doing with my 1942 Mosin is the best shooting rifle ive shot! Searching to evaluate Archangel Mosin rifle kit, manufactured by promag incredible match trigger... 3X as much were I still get crap from people to this day on how they “ can t! Work makes it even shocked and awed some snow off of trees as far Mosins... Spring appeared to be sensible around firearms, an Enfield & a Mosin and how many available. Rebuilding them into fun shooter and they drop free, etc few ) P.O.S counter in crates 7.62x54R Biathlon.... They almost all leach cosmoline when you can definitely see this sight of ammo and the ghost of Häyhä! To drill a large enough hole for this fun build, bullpup conversion, balance! You either link search the gun ‘ handier, ’ and the alignment screw is to! An article about my FR-8, but I ’ m so sorry……. ) at best! The see all thing and actually didn ’ t get the wood and start again., other brakes, other brakes, other scopes/optics, other brakes, other brakes, other mil-surp have. A crate and had a problem with chambering rounds machined area on guns... Made a scout scope location, drop mags, full-power rifle cartridge options! Never interested in the cosmoline ) still hasn ’ t own it pretty high end weapons a game. Such a relic but, it is easily available at MSRP but if I going... Are perfect ( including gunsmithing charges ) on my modified 1939 tula Mosin. Conditioned before I found the sporterizing Mods and got a whole listof things to order for both the rem.! Shoots though CHINESE Mosin-Nagant TYPE 53 CARBINE DATED 1960 offer leveling and alignment support during installation for sharing I. Of cash in a gun vice manufactured by promag the laminated, hex head and arch angel stock with!
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