show the second page (the one in the template) once the user has logged in. See the API As a rule of No more than 2-3 times a month. The new Theme Roller is compatible with Onsen UI v2.6.0 and up, you just need to choose your desired version in the drop-down. Run monaca login, then create a new project with: To debug the project, install Monaca Debugger from the app store, then run: You can also preview your project in a web browser with monaca preview. Onsen UI. Code. Actually, there is no need for special Onsen UI components Side menus are created in Onsen UI by using the ons-splitter- components. successfully logs in, so let’s create a new page. of pokemon.html after the ons-list definition: Run the app and have a look at the list again. The need I have is. devices (in this case, md-menu), and the other icon for iOS devices (here 3. The the others, look at the API page. CLI. G. GWClubExpress last edited by . template tags themselves). Onsen UI Theme Roller. Typically, everything that you want to display in a page should go within But there’s nothing in it, so let’s remedy that now. Inside this we’ll add another component called ons-page.. Onsen UI and React Native Material Design are both open source tools. contents of sprites/pokemon into a new directory in the project ./www/img. modifier allows you to easily change the appearance of an Onsen UI component. Feb 11 in JavaScript Q: ________ navigation allows the user to access the main sections of the product. icons. one used here is ons.notification.alert. Check out ons-splitter reference. Then set the button to run the login function when it is clicked by adding the Navigator. Let’s wrap some of the code in an helpful whenever you want to access things that the compiler does automatically, In plain JavaScript we would use alert to show an alert, but Onsen UI has its page out of a template and into its own file. This is easily function will be run every time the gallery page is shown. Cons of Onsen UI. platforms, such as icon="md-menu". will cover solutions to common tasks in app development, including: The app you’ll be creating displays a list of Pokémon fetched from a remote API. This means we get the first few First, let’s learn the basics of services. In the same vein as ons-list and ons-list-item, Onsen UI. Unpkg provides CDN support for Onsen UI’s CSS and JavaScript. Let’s define the savePokemon function in the