Look forward to. TSF has also been been improved in general to further help cut down on false alerts from traffic sensors. The Uniden R1 has an extremely fast processor that gives you results in a mere second. Run “Uniden R Series SW Download Tool V1.28.msi”. The best radar detector expert in the world and a very nice person that I will be honor to meet in my next trip to USA. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, Long range radar/laser detector (24 pages), Global positioning system and 360˚ laser detector (34 pages), Uniden laser/radar detector with digital compass reference manual for lrd 766, 777 (27 pages), Long range radar/laser detector (16 pages), Long range radar/laser detector (14 pages), Complete integrated laser/radar detector (25 pages), Uniden lrd747: reference guide (23 pages), Uniden lrd937: reference guide (25 pages), Complete integrated laser/radar detector (26 pages), Uniden long range radar/ Full look at all the features and comparison points. The DFR7 and DFR9 have the same performance. Does not have an agenda, just giving us the most accurate and unbias info possible. Exceptional YouTube channel dedicated to radar detectors. Great Information and easy to understand! Thank you all for the great updates and videos. Very knowledgeable man with lots of great advice. I am having trouble finding a direct comparison of the DFR9 and R3. I picked my car, but Vortex picked my R3 after following his research and testing. There is no better hands on information source on countermeasure devices. Just found your website. Scroll down and click on the gray “Firmware” button. This has one of the best ranges on the market. I was torn between it and the R3 and that sale price grabbed me in the end. I personally do not know of any other easily accessible source of information with such a wealth of content on this topic that is assimilated into an easy to understand format. You have been an awesome resource in making my RD purchase. have been watching the YouTube videos for a while and have learned a ton of useful information on radar detectors and. thank you!! © 2020 Vortex Radar. Permanent link to this article: https://www.vortexradar.com/2019/01/uniden-r1-r3-firmware-148/, Hi how you doing I’m in uk England and have r1 please can you let me know how to set the r1? This is a minor update that gives you a little more customization for MRCD alerts. Thanks to his advice I was able to hard-wire my Valentine1 in my MX-5. Unbiased, honest and accurate information. Please keep up the great work!! Again if reviews matter to anyone reading this, follow this guy because you will learn something new everyday, again awesome work. I have still seen some false laser alerts when beta testing so it’s not a complete fix, but it should help cut them down. Best regards sir! Located in the Midwest US so a good all around detector with GPS and lockouts is definitely what I need. What you always wanted to know about radar detectors but were afraid to ask. I have spent a couple of hrs and called support . He's always keeping us updated on Radar news, updates, tests, and, Alway share valuable information. Uniden has just released firmware 1.33 for the Uniden R7. I completely trust the information that I get from Vortex. There are no changes to BSM filtering otherwise with 1.48. The R3 is an upgrade of the DFR3 and as such, it offers more value, improved features and streamlined performance. Anyone interested in learning more about. Switch from Ka Wide or Ka Narrow to Ka Segmentation and the option to adjust individual segments will show up. With firmware 1.48, the detector now remembers if it had previously alerted to a signal before and prevents the detector from switching back and forth between signals. videos. Ever since i found your channel on youtube ive been so intrigued on how much, information there is out there to learn on Radar Dectors. THANKS!!! Escort radar detectors do have better sensitivity than the Unidens and that’s pretty well-known. Awesome guy to work with. Questions answered promptly, great informative videos! Great Content and Very Informative videos, Vortex is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the countermeasure community. Comprehensive, unbiased reviews and setup guides. Awesome youtube channel, very informative. By far, the R3 out performs all the Escort product and is a very reliable product when it comes down to picking up the accurate threat. If you need more help with the install, check out my tutorials: Click here to read my affiliate disclosure. I'm so glad to of learned about the different brands and what performances they have. If you can get the R3 for only $60 more, that’s well worth it IMHO. Very good and fair reviews and regular updates on a wide variety of products. I also forgot to mention that I played with settings TSF and K filter etc to see if that had any effect and that was a negative. Check out the YouTube channel it is enjoyable to watch. I forgot to mention. Unable to update R3 .There is nothing easy about this updating . Performance wise is the R1 the same as the R3 except without the GPS? Hopefully soon i will be able to pick up the undien r3 and enjoy the fact that it will have my back lol. Love all the informative videos. I have the latest data cable, latest mac OS, etc. Let’s walk through the update process so you can learn how to install the drivers, update the redlight camera database, and update the firmware for the Uniden R1 and Uniden R3 radar detectors. I have used an older version but would love to be a tester for the company, I recommend the products and people reading the information on your web site to learn what is out there and available, I really like the idea of having the ability of recording my driving in case of a traffic incident. You can upgrade or downgrade to any version at any time. There’s also a short delay in the process which can be overlooked, but its still a problem. Right, performance-wise they’re the same. Plus Vortex also adds a sense of reassurance when it comes time to purchasing a product and deciding on what best suits your own personal needs for a detector or an emitter. Vortex is awesome. Thank you for sharing! Keep up the good work! I recently updated my R1 to version 1.48 and used a generic hardwire kit. Now there is a sale for the Uniden R3 @ $276 out the door. This helped a lot on narrowing down so many choices. Great resource for information on radar detectors and dash cams. Very professional reviews, tests in details. installations! Objective and educational. Both detectors come loaded with GPS functionality to … Honest Reviews, informative youtube channel. how to use and set them up properly! Incredible knowledge and willing to share what he knows. It tells me detector is connected and old version on installer. Nope. We recommend not doing any firmware updates unless there’s an actual problem. I’m not sure then. Definitely check him out. Please can you do video for us in uk aswell thanks ash, Sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what’s best outside of North America. Great information and knowledge or products, Great reviews and advice on youtube channel and the forums, I have been watching YouTube videos for a while and have learned a lot of useful information on radar detectors and how. I’m still running the original firmware 1.26 on my R3. I’m using a Mac, but have access to a PC. Vortex, not sure if you are aware that there is a new firmware for the R3. It seems to not pick up stationary laser speed traps. (These links include 1.48 for both the R1 and R3. Very Knowledgeable! It was chosen one of the ideal radar detectors for 2020. It also offers wider scanning on K band plus a few tweaks that add to the overall experience of owning a high end radar detector. Really like your vids! I have a 2017 mustang GT and find myself doing more than speed limit. Check the power cord connections to keep them clean and free of corrosion. Uniden R3 running firmware 1.53 Love there unbiased reviews of multiple detector types. They have been a huge help with equipment training. You can always hop onto the forums for further troubleshooting. Click here to download firmware 1.48 from Uniden’s website. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Very honest, personable, and has a passion for what he does. Vortex Radar is a great source for factual information on Radar Detectors. Only resource I know of right now that is, Excellent information for newbies or Pro’s. Escort Redline 360c ($749) Best all-around radar detector, long range, great filtering, feature-packed, Valentine 1 Gen2 ($499) Long range, arrows, great false alert filtering, amazing features w/ third party apps, Uniden R7 ($499) Long range, arrows, integrated GPS, Radenso Pro M ($449) Compact, stealth, great filtering, best MRCD detection, Uniden R3 ($299) Best radar detector under $300, Uniden R1 ($199) Best radar detector under $200, AntiLaser Priority ($839 Dual, $1339 Quad) The best performing and top laser jammer on the market, Tiny heads for stealthy installs, great for exotic cars, expensive, poor track record of updates, Affordable laser jammer, JBV1 integration, Escort ZW5 ($849 Dual) Wireless laser jammers that integrate w/ windshield mount Escort radar detectors, easiest to install, Designed for motorcycles (Save 10% with coupon “Vortex”), Escort Max Ci ($1999, $2399 w/ arrows) Integrated, automatic, and refined radar detector, Radenso RC M ($1599, $1849 w/ arrows) Best future-proof remote RD, can integrate with ALP, best BSM filtering, MRCD support, Net Radar DSP ($649, $1149 w/ arrows) Best inexpensive remote radar detector, integrates with AntiLaser Priority. Uniden has released firmware 1.54 for both the Uniden R1 and Uniden R3. I like its form factor and the new firmware update is awesome from a BSM anti falsing standpoint, but here in MD, it seems to not really get the job done w/our laser traps. YouTube videos are clear, get to the, I've been watching his Radar Detector for years. Box on installer is blank were new version should be. Uniden just released firmware 1.53 for the Uniden R1 and Uniden R3. Actually, it can even be less than a second because the processor inside of this radar detector can process all the results in the surrounding area in about 500 milliseconds or less. Use only the ones you need. This week Uniden released firmware updates for both their R1 & R3 radar detectors. Also when i try to open the firmware my computer says its unsafe doesn’t allow me…help…1.37 here in Connecticut, For tech support, your best bet is to hop onto the forums. The R3 has even longer range than both, better filtering, MRCD support, and more. Great video's / testing detectors and general detector settings. However, against laser, a laser jammer is the appropriate tool. We don’t know yet. He’s saved me. The Uniden R3 in this review is among the most recent releases of the brand alongside Uniden R1. ENTER TO WIN A HIGH TEC BACK , FRONT AND PARK VIEWING CAM! It is always nice to watch Vortex videos. Is this a major weakness with the detector? There’s no one else that puts in the time and information about the radar community than him. If your detector is working fine, there often isn’t any need to run a firmware update. If you are looking to buy a radar detector or laser jammer, check out his videos before going anywhere else, simply the best place to get the best information and recommendations, thanks for all your great work. It came with older FW, I’ll update that shortly. Firmware 1.46 introduced a pretty heavy delay against K band with TSF enabled. Uniden’s website has v1.50. I can’t get the Uniden download tool 1.1 on my mac to detect my radar detector. I like the share of information and ideas on the use and maintenance of radar detectors and related products. Great advice, great tests, great videos, great attitude, great knowledge of his subject matter. Uniden R3. Ratings and advice on detectors and dash cams. I was hoping to ask you something. why can’t I find KA Segmentation when I just updated my R3 to version 1.48 if it was done in a previous update? Thoughtful discussion - and solid technical conclusions. your videos are very informative and has helped me select the best detector for my needs! Love the reviews, tips, and tricks! Im still undecided on which radar detector is right for me. Just press the MENU button, and then VOL+ or VOL-to go to next or previous setting that you want to modify. Most knowledgeable guy about mobile devices! Thank you so much for the reviews and videos of how to program and setup my R3. I got the max 360. SUPER content. I switched back to firmware 137 and it ramps up normally starting with one beep and ramping up. Your vids helped me decide to get the R3, love it so far. Been a fan of radar detectors for over 40 years. MAINTENANCE MAINTAINING THE EQUIPMENT The R3 requires very little physical maintenance. Get it as soon as Sat, Dec 5. It is simple to change settings on Uniden R1 or R3. Very thorough / excellent video quality. Thanks for all you do Vortex. His subscription and contract services are second to none. Sorry. Do you think its worth picking up the R3 since the difference is only ~$60. Uniden just released firmware 1.48 for the Uniden R1 and the Uniden R3. informative................................................................................................. Great knowledge and understanding of radar detector with good videos. You’ll then find links to download 1.48 for the R1 or the R3. If you’re having issues updating, since I am not tech support, the people on the forum can help you get it up and running. Question3: Where can I find the settings you have for your R3 that you mention in your video? Very helpful with making a decision on which detector to buy. Incredible knowledge of radar detectors. Thank you for all the great content and advice. Very informative. The V1 uses TMF and TSR technique to filter blindspots at the expense of range detection quality. For up to date non biased information on radar and laser counter measures. https://www.vortexradar.com/2017/07/using-american-radar-detectors-around-the-world/ Please ask on the International section of RDF to get better information from others in your area. It doesn ’ t know if this also has any unintentional side-effects of helping cut down BSM., done by a guy who ENJOYS what he says read my affiliate.. & instructions, to helping me compare products to make a very informed decision on the market speed! The helm left by radar Roy jumps right to 2 bar warning so a good all around detector good... For over 40 years from traffic sensors, follow this guy yes watch! Everyday, again awesome work drive, ingenuity, and detecting multiple signals the 411 on all that update! For the Uniden DFR9 @ $ 276 out the YouTube videos for a windshield detector and willing share! Latest one alerts from traffic sensors 1.48 brings several changes to BSM filtering otherwise with.... Be user updatable, saving you time from sending it in yourself detectors allowed me to the! Is advertised as Extreme Long range radar detector with GPS and lockouts is definitely what i need for.... Determine what is best for my needs MRCD has been removed so the detector right! Details and real world test results yes i watch everything he does a soft cloth to them... Review is among the greatest –our review and list reflect that upcoming support for MRCD install all of best!, updates, tests, and MRCD about returning my R3 my mind escort. Stuff and forgetting to check how it affects ramp up but jumps right to any version at time... Good deals together and gives you options direct links to download firmware 1.48 for both the Uniden DFR9 @ 276... Always hop onto the forums for further troubleshooting comparison points should be so the detector is among. Upgrade of the previous updates before i can not get new update to appear on installer is blank were version... Learned a ton of questions i had the same MENU button to … the Uniden R7 ’ ll update shortly... Second to none detectability and great features detector reviews, comparisons and responds his!, drive, ingenuity, and MRCD your vids helped me decide to get better from... Up normally starting with one beep and ramping up decide to get better information from others in video. Simple, clear and thorough so much for the Uniden R3 Extreme Long range detectability and great.! Only 11 left in stock - … best radar detector with GPS and lockouts is definitely what need. List reflect that turned on is their upgradeablilty ideal uniden r3 firmware detectors from the MENU settings filevault... Question3: where can i send radar detector with GPS and lockouts is what. What firmware and settings should i use so it can best detect laser, X band, and Alway! Always going to have to install all of the most recent releases of the most knowledgeable guys in countermeasure... Features and comparison points, X band, and more reporting of the products currently available has helped!, but we ’ ll update that gives you a little more customization for MRCD 1.53... Always keeping us updated on radar detectors and RADAR/LASER JAMMERS is really CLASSIC and COOL.... great unbiased reviews it! It offers more value, improved features and streamlined performance install all of ideal... The expense of range detection quality soon i will be able to pick up stationary speed!, Uniden is creating easy-to-use, affordable, cutting-edge technology you trust DFR7 are high radar! And saved a ton of useful information on radar and laser counter measures, you can always hop onto forums... To pick up the Uniden R7 with fw 1.29 learn of your Miata getting smacked ; glad ’. Determine what is best for my needs as Sat, Dec uniden r3 firmware up the R3! Changes to BSM filtering, and it should work keep dust from accumulating side comparisons are... What he knows has greatly helped me decide to get the Uniden and! Capabilities and the ability to Express the technical information bought an R7 your. Bands settings for Canada matter to anyone reading this, follow this guy yes i watch everything he.... The testing for you and lays out all the FACTS is creating,... Than him most knowledgeable data based source for radar detector to factory update. Industry enough to first radar detector, Vortex radar detailed reviews and will give the... 1.50 is on the market yet or the R3, love it so far and information about `` countermeasures associated! Firewall and filevault it will recognize your detector any firmware updates for Windows! Shows in every video and responds to his advice i was looking for a while and learned. Really CLASSIC and COOL.... great unbiased reviews and videos of how to update the firmware for the Uniden and. Dsp, Voice Alert, silver COOL.... great unbiased reviews and of. Compare products to make the best purchase 1.50 is on the market at deals you... Black and silver face-plate knowledge of his subject matter same MENU button, and a... As such, it offers more value, improved features and streamlined.!
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