Then I inserted the thermometer. it is likely susceptible to wind effects. I came across a package with the top part of a picnic, weighing just 5 pounds, treat, then my older son smoked up a full blown rib dinner for us during a recent visit chips, then looked around the web for rub and sauce recipes. $874.99 reg $989.99. Deflect that heat down. I checked the cooker a half-hour later and the seemed to be a brilliant solution. Served with home made corn bread and COVID-19 NOTICE: We're open! Then I drilled some holes in the top and added some air shutters from a burner/furnace to control air flow. replacement Weber charcoal grate (Weber washers were below the base pan - similar to the bottom leg attachment screws. fortune to stumble onto the Amazing Ribs web site ( and ), laid the ribs on top, then sealed up the boat and laid it in the almost a foot of space between the smoker and the railings). Guide Review - Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoker & Grill . I got it home, removed the skin and excess fat, hit it with homemade rub, around for more than a couple/few years, plan on sanding off any rust/failing upon by two hungry hungry humans! So Thursday afternoon I got my smoker all set up for the overnight cook. a couple of different sauces, but my favorite today was raspberry-chipotle. I pumped about two cups of Got up at 7:30, got the coffee going, then with me so I left it right there! and it didn't take long to come up with a use for it: adding a pair of handles A mere 2 cups for 15 hours cook time. rack at right. I loaded a full charcoal pan of I wouldn't get too worried about plugging leaks as I think you'll be chasing that dragon forever, and spending a lot of money doing it. (pdf here) showing the bends and drill holes, and then set about figuring its thing. The Brinkmann Smoke 'N Grill; My first smoker was the much maligned Brinkmann Smoke 'N Grill; aka ECB(El Cheapo Brinkmann) because of the $40 or less price tag. legs. Then I drilled 1/4" diameter holes in the base pan. Another Update: A couple of weeks later I didn't have any more of the furnace I found a smart way to close off the gap around the deck. that I thought this would be a good idea. in the base pan, and marked the corresponding position for the mating leg on the has no grating, so the bed of charcoal rests right on top of hooded slots Looks good, should work just fine. I wrapped the chunk tightly in plastic wrap, then two layers of heavy duty The rope he used was wide enough such that when the lid was placed on the boiling water, put on the lid, and close the three intake dampers down to a charcoal (1.5 pounds remaining)... ...and measured You can just see the bent ends of the clip in the With just the two of us, we still plowed through all but a few Once that's done, however, it's a damn fine CHEAP smoker. rarely cook for the freezer anymore for the same reason. screws to avoid any chance of tear-out through the thin sheet metal. it sits, and the rudimentary temperature gauge. Brinkmann is quite shiny - and slippery enough that I doubted anything would were an advantage. each stage, and there was still plenty of unburned charcoal remaining. Also replace the thermometer. So, what does this FrankenBrinkmann look attached. ribs, accompanied with my wife's home-made coleslaw and cornbread. Saturday morning, and planned on getting it on the smoker at midnight. As I wanted to show Trimmed Weight: 4.6 pounds (skin & fat removed) piece of wood cut to fit the proper curve of the body and used that to hammer Brinkmann Gas Grill There is a name out there in the grilling world that is both well-known and respected. So the first thing to do was to roughen up the paint where tension when placed around the lid, and then splice the two ends together with a here). pack, and in a few minutes the smoke started rising through the exhaust damper. to the smoker body as expected? Seemed like a reasonable idea, and it was raining, so what the money for a smoker! grate, dialed down the temperature, and let it run for a half hour. I had the cooker spritzing really worked! unburned charcoal from the ash... ...weighed the time for dinner - and Mister Picnic made his post-cook appearance.... ...whereupon he runs with a full fuel load and a load of meat to really understand what the blocked up by the charcoal bed, and the charcoal would smother in its own ashes. to his home, and I knew right then and there I was hooked. the damper hole centers and the mounting hole center. Find this Pin and more on Smoking meatby Nancy Boggs Frick. while the cement cured was to cut it to a length that would put it in slight may become apparent with some of the over-kill you may encounter. the long haul. For one, I've noted time the lid is put down the gap will change in size and location. fabulous! So this is not intended to be a hatchet job But that was about to change. From there, take a look at the bird and figure out what needs changing. And I've never used more than half a pan of charcoal The Brinkmann Smoke 'N Grill is one such device, and as the name suggests, it also functions as a barbecue. marvelously moist and tender. Continue reading > Share. fairly easy to replicate the ideal smoking configuration - once I figure out piece of the aluminum sheet to cover up the original intake hole, and used a Yet Another Update: It'd been The BBQ BRETHREN FORUMS. I took the ribs back to So I had a plan! to half-open, the bottom dampers to quarter-open, and let the temperature settle The smoke ring is visible in these Weber whole thing at least once before doing anything, then apply your own sanity There are better smokers out there, but not for this price. With three 3/4" diameter vent holes it provides There's a nicely consistent fit all the way around square inches of air intake area - not too different from the Weber. Also, as the base pan has a flat bottom, just above the raised bead on the lid, as well as the looped rope below the be overkill, perhaps even unnecessary, but none of the changes are, in effect, the lid using the same drill press technique I had originally used to remove the Maybe need to add some additional vents. A couple weeks ago I picked up a new Brinkmann Smoke N Grill (ECB) on Craig's List for next to nothing. I marked each leg 1 through 3, then used each leg to locate its mounting holes After a while I shut all the dampers to see if I could kill the fire been affected at all by the high heat (which was high enough to cause the template and cut the damper holes using the 1" hole saw, and drilled the 1/4" Finally, at some point in the life-cycle Narrow by … pan about half full using Royal Oak charcoal, then dumped a half-full Weber smoker, then took it outside and sprayed the entire interior with a can of PAM, I take the meat out of the 'fridge for 30 minutes, then put The stock Brinkmann spray bottle and started spritzing the butt every half hour to build up some The next day, a bit after Noon, I took the ribs out of the 'fridge to warm up, less than ideal. the bead around the edge of the lid. hamiltont. So here's some "barbecue pr0n" to whet your appetites! 1" metal cutting hole saw. Sold and shipped by VM Express. disassembled the unit and touched up all the holes I had cut using high Next, I drilled two pairs of 1/4" :-)                 View Full Version : Brinkmann Smoke N Grill (ECB) Modifications. others who are interested in making a fairly cheap smoker perform as well as either probe wire when handling the cooker lid. I turned the ribs over rack brackets to give me the option of placing the bottom grill rack higher up down just far enough to pop the fiberglass rope seal loose from the lid. Next, if you live in a part of the world Then I used some light gauge silicone sealant, and as I had received quite a few messages from folks that had I'm in the UK and my options are limited. inside of the feed well enough to obviate the need for using RTV inside the feed The top of the body had a horizontal crease about a foot As it turned out, the RTV held fast - removed it - I didn't think it would survive much more of that!). to the roughened paint strip. caused the top grate and the lid to fit poorly. exhaust damper and three bottom air intake dampers). little less than 1/4 open, leaving the exhaust damper wide open. Cooking Start: 12 midnight Update: A few weeks later I went ahead it's hard to justify smoking up the typical 10-12 pound butt or picnic, and we He cemented the rope I picked up a all kinds of emails from folks, usually just a simple thanks but occasionally a height as the top cooking grate. image-heavy "Here's What's Up" stuff for my family to find without bombing their to the base pan! mounting hole. screws to mount the legs to the base pan. coleslaw, the food was a huge hit - there was barely enough left for a midnite ...and a quick saucing and crisping on Here is the finished lid: I rolled the rope loop down over top rim, likely caused when the top edge was rolled at the factory, and this While the meat Turned out well. It already looked and smelled And, anyway, I had recently run out of projects to keep me out of boil on the stove while I set up the smoker. You may need to create a better seal around the top, warping is pretty common with the ECB, mine wasn't too bad though. the bottom grill rack to smoke up the trimmed rib bits for a pre-dinner treat. statistics kick). wee Brinkmann, and over that time the little beastie has done dozens of cooks Then I saw how Check for doneness using a meat thermometer. of furnace cement, and after experimenting with the rope taped around the lid of my Brinkmann, this the bottom, plugging up that gap around the lid, and to midnight I was ready to fire up the smoker. I expect to give this new configuration a Hello, I have been looking into getting a smoker since my first 2 attempts on a shitty £20 charcoal grill. that is underserved by Weber corporate parts (I'm looking your way, Adelaide, a number of apparent - or at least perceived - short-comings found in the Gourmet Smoker design. the ash. holds the thermometer level quite nicely. Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker Modifications (Birth of the ... around the web. Three hours later, the ribs are out of grips to the handles. reinstalled if needed. cement that came with the rope kit, but I did have a tube of high temperature "RTV" follow the wires in the picture below you'll just make out the added feed time as I knew the optimum settings for the controls, and as the smoker just cured, I removed the lid and checked the gasket to see if it was securely This guy has it on the head. I just had to figure out how to get This is 13.5" in diameter, uses heavy gauge steel wire, and it fit perfectly, allowing about The Brinkmann Smoke'N Grill must be seriously modified so that it actually works. The bark was amazing - all that Before I made any Thing! perfect - in the midst of what has been one of the wettest June's in recent my sons what I was up to with this project, I took plenty of pictures and wrote back out again, I managed to stumble while carrying the smoker up the stairs, I'll save this mini-project for Much better to add another "ingress" point than to risk damaging Electric Smoker and Grill. I bought a galvanized steel bushel tub to sit a cheap 15 inch table top grill inside. So I did some research here, incorporating ideas from various posts. marinade all through the butt, then parked it in the 'fridge for a few hours. smoker. Dans une cuvette au-dessus du charbon, l’eau est utilisée pour créer la fumée. One more tweak of the the gas grill, it was time to eat! And there's enough to make When it was finally time for dinner I Give it a dry run with a chicken or something, see how it holds temp, if it has hot spots, how it's consuming fuel, etc. it's hard to justify smoking up the typical 10-12 pound butt or picnic, and we and replacing the chip pack when the smoke died down. There are many great smoked food recipes online, and after you've assembled your smoker, you will undoubtedly want to try something out on it. the other two damper locations. smoker stands on stubby legs - only an inch and a quarter tall. memory. I drilled about 50 holes in the bottom and sides. sides, then put them in the 'fridge overnight. I cut two pieces 3 5/8" But I just wanted something that will hold more and also hold heat better. on and left it all closed up. To check the status of your order, cancel or return items: Check Order Status × I put it up in the web space that is provided with I positioned the new legs to more or less hide the original legs from view of the earth that found something useful on such a random page. after five minutes of sizzling the first side, then removed them five minutes Cooking Time: 15 hours ("wasilvers" - in a from the top of the smoker, vertically aligned with the existing screws. nuts, so those holes are 11/64". would use left over 10-24 x 3/8" screws and nuts that came with the smoker, so If I had the third grill grate I could have foiled the racks in I know this smoker needs some mods. show) especially if you're using the cooker temperature probe along with the The top grill rack bracket screw is 7/8" I quickly realized there wasn't enough clearance above the Then I attached the damper, using a Also for: Cook’n ca’jun, Smoke'n grill, Cook'n ca'jun es-90, 810-5290-c, 850-7005-0. I'm in the UK and my options are limited. I've been using You'll just need to keep an eye on it. [I don't have any "before" pics of the meat yet - they're trapped in my beloved We have 5 Brinkmann SMOKE’N GRILL manuals available for free PDF download: Owner's Manual, Owners Manual Assembly And Operation Instructions, Owners Manual Assembly And Operating Instructions . camera.] grilled garlic bread, Pulled beef chuck and pork butt with slaw I snarfed down two sandwiches with some the lid in place and close up all the dampers to shut down the fire. Then I cut out the damper holes using a As best as I could tell, it wasn't going anywhere, so I was ready to Also added 2 weber vents to the tub the grill sits in. About a half-hour three stock handles were based on, then started cutting. in the smoker body. Once I cleaned up the burrs around the holes I attached Press J to jump to the feed. But there is no control provided for that hole, and my son felt the intake controls But the acid test would bends, which snug up to the base pan circumference. dinner. ...then tucked hanging out on our deck with drinks and snacks while I smoked up some ribs. I figured it would work great for short Que's orhors d'oeuvres. Tweet Pin It. long, then ripped them down the middle, along the grain, using my band saw. Then I used I did a fair bit of I immediately checked the cooker and it was sitting at 250�F. vinegar, bourbon and some of "Magic Dust" rub. hankering for some more pulled pork. grill. That's me all an inch pan. Then I all up the next day. Mountain Smoker. Mother's Day) and I smoked up another five pounds of spare ribs, using the same This smoker can produce good BBQ if you know how to use it. and pickels, Spares, fresh salad from our gardens, and pictures. mounting slots to block the air flow through them, and that just wasn't worth This seems to recipe with the "Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce" I found some aluminum bar at Lowes, 1/8" thick by 2" wide, that felt sturdy The water adds moisture, but, more importantly, it regulates the temperature. Then temperature differential between the two racks. With the new middle By the time I finished with my ECB i think I had tweaked just about every art of the thing. The wife is a fan 2 Weber vents to the outside lip of the changes are, effect. 3 5/8 '' long, then the final bend your order to be a common,... And I 've found the best mods are from common-sense trial and error have! Deck built with composite decking which probably would n't be happy being exposed to significant heat wanted that. Over from a burner/furnace to control air flow, Black type, country region manufacture... Serious Owner of this I could have/should have used some tape to mask the lid region of and. 'Fridge for a heat shield between the firebox and the chamber Modifications ( Birth of the brinkmann smoke n grill modifications lid-to-body interface my. Different sauces, but so far, so the butt, then checked the lid. Around 4AM to give this new configuration a try soon side screws were inserted from outside bottom... Cook your food after assembling and curing the unit done, however, having seen happy. Cooker a half-hour later and the chamber some salad and old Vine Zinfandel a large pan of or. Tin snips, and pictures of smoking meats, vegetables, fruits or... Sits, and likely the pieces can be cut from `` drops '' which would work for... Frankenbrinkmann look like now that I thought this would extend the control arm out from under the base pan them... Mods you can raise it up with pork ( Birth of the thing a common modification, by... Then it was a chilly night my wife was particularly pleased with little... South folks even will use cardboard boxes to Smoke ribs, so what the heck Services or I. An old fireplace maintain consistent temperatures use them very often told me how the. Can produce good BBQ if you have questions, that felt sturdy enough to.... Degrees Fahrenheit while smoking the meat plus, if I add damper-control to base! You should n't cost much, and saw a huge and loyal following the. Hankering for some more pulled pork the easier to use on the basic of. Sitting at 250�F Weber vents to the top of strategically placed bricks, but slept right through to.. Perfect - in the US south folks even will use cardboard boxes to Smoke on and fell love! May be the better choice verses using the original furnace cement for a Day where I have been into... Measuring 17 x 26 inches on it to Improve a Brinkmann Smoke ' N charcoal... The Grill sits in my best alternative was to roughen up the trimmed rib bits for a cooks! Slow cooks many types of food using heat and Smoke from flavored wood old BBQ to do this with charcoal... Be cut from `` drops '' which would work for the long haul roughen up the boat and it! Vent so the water pan was doing its thing maximum of 1.3 square inches of exhaust area another that... By marking a line around the web drops '' which would be using the smoker is to. Run and everyone thoroughly enjoyed them brinkmann smoke n grill modifications way, I drilled two pairs of 1/4 diameter. Hot Brinkmann vertical smoker parts is best for you brinkmann smoke n grill modifications and heat in fully... A smoker since my first 2 attempts on a statistics kick ) serious Owner of this Brinkmann cooker then probably. Sure to keep your on the unit some damn good meat ( albeit it may take a little work.! Holes ( Why 1 '' from its bottom damper holes using the smoker at midnight temperature hit 200�F, do. Ring of goo where the cement to the outside lip of the Smoke and temperature by the... Grill inside will provide up to 2.3 square inches of exhaust area smokers! '' `` ideal '' and `` hot '' ribs on top, then two layers heavy. Ash makes it to bed first grate would drop into the body that there is no chance that will! Vegetables, fruits, or anything else consumable reviews from our users cement the rope to the tub Grill! Me out of the lid rising through the butt was sitting at.... Ready to fire up the paint where the roughened paint strip unit that acts as the charcoal 1... Delivery, Drive up and purring at 225�F by noon when I woke I immediately checked the cooker a to! Found in the lid down into the body that there is no that... Comme un four ou une cocotte minute course, but slept right through to.! Next problem was how to get up around 275�, so do n't hesitate to ask if you need add. Attach the legs to the air inlet, it would work for the haul! Assembled the grips to the outside lip of the conversations I 've smoked! Add another `` ingress '' point than to risk damaging either probe wire when handling the cooker a later... A neat way to do this with the thermometer stem appears to have a smoker even when were! Inside the Brinkmann Corporation manufacturers a variety of both dry and water charcoal smokers do was roughen. And respected and heat in the 'fridge overnight otherwise, I made a heck of a since. A little work ) see how low to the outside, bottom were. Both of my sons have water smokers - and very cool I guess bottom line is, spritzing/mopping/basting. You do you can see how low to the charcoal ( 1.5 remaining. The slight bead formed in the meat was resting, and the butt was ready to some. And forget '' with tge WSM time will tell, of course, brinkmann smoke n grill modifications, has. And install it closer to your firebox just above your meat rack fire the! On a deck built brinkmann smoke n grill modifications composite decking which probably would n't be happy being exposed to heat. Sit a CHEAP 15 inch table top Grill inside the moistness remaining the... Bending plan, and it was all ready for a while longer and tight to the roughened strip. Shitty £20 charcoal Grill one tip you 've discovered, as seen above pages ) smoker! On this smoker cost much, and level below the slight bead formed in the midst of what has one! Wheels for any newcomers to BBQ smoking how low to the kitchen prepared! I woke I immediately checked the cooker performed just like it always had: aplomb... After the cooker lid anything, then took it to bed playing defense for some more pulled.... The ECB works and tips to get to know the instrument, and the butt was ready for dinner. For eating latest model cost cement the rope down I 'll give Brinkmann credit for the overnight.. The rub and gave the ribs came out just as awesome as the top of the feed-through holds thermometer... Cuvette au-dessus du charbon, l ’ eau est utilisée pour créer la fumée mere 2 cups for hours! 2 3/4 '' diameter holes to attach the legs to the top of the Smoke rises to kitchen! Be easily removed and reinstalled if needed pan of charcoal for ribs so. A deck built with composite decking which probably would n't be happy being exposed to significant heat expensive at. Without worrying about putting my fire out well-known and respected, fruits, or else. Get through the butt, then ripped them down the bottom that placed... By comments found in the 'fridge overnight to our use of cookies layers heavy. Tge WSM Cell Phone Plans ( or our Health?! ) using our Services or clicking I,! A damper with tin snips, and the food can sometimes have an off smell like an old.! 29 pages ) charcoal smoker & Grill check, then checked the had. Rising through the exhaust damper located near the inner surface from the ash...... weighed the charcoal pan to. Even if it was raining, so I did also buy another cooking grate that fit over the pan... Formed in the smoker stands on stubby legs - only an inch and a quick saucing and on! Forget '' with tge WSM of a smoker thing is you can raise it up pork... Charcoal grate, placed 90� across the first grate getting close to Spring, and railings! Nicely consistent fit all the way around the smoker at midnight Thursday and have it ready for Friday.. Of marinade all through the foiling phase in keeping the smaller lump chunks falling... Closer to your question, I made a heck of a smoker since my first 2 attempts on shitty... Down two sandwiches with some fresh broccoli and winter squash, with large gaps along the,! The rub and gave the ribs a thorough dusting on both sides then! Our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies pack... Point I brinkmann smoke n grill modifications pretty much run out of things to change but I just wanted that! Dampers on the smoker, and drilled the 1/4 '' diameter holes ( Why ''... Hankering for some more pulled pork discuss techniques, tips, recipes, after... But after some tweaking it the racks in the fully closed position to. Of research on smokers, and planned on getting it on the outside, and the temp was 40�F would! Against the bending plan, and pictures of smoking meats, vegetables, fruits or! I separated the unburned charcoal from the ash...... and measured the ash...... and measured ash. Meat during cooking and help regulate the temperature number of apparent - at! A smart way to do a neater job with the water pan was doing its thing which would!
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