Thank you, In wood products manufacturing, 6-8% is pretty much the norm, at least in North America. Worldwide leader. With a Wagner L606, I am getting MC readings 12%->15.5% . Also, if the leak was bad enough, it will be necessary to have a contractor make sure the strength of the subfloor isn’t compromised. 17 and the flooring is at 6 to 7. If no leak is apparent, ask the homeowner if there have been problems with the dishwasher in the past. Can I get a away with this? Once the source of the leak is found, make sure the problem is corrected and that moisture levels are back to normal before you repair or replace any flooring. Treated wood is typically still wet when it’s delivered to the job site. I live in Charlotte, NC. Generally the entire floor is dry. I am presently drying it to around 8%-10% and then rotary polishing it, but I am facing the issue of burrs on the edges. Hi Larry, thanks for the great knowledge sharing. our question is do we need to replace the floor to avoid fungal problems? You should be ok as long as the moisture content does not get worse (higher). A high reading in one area indicates a problem that must be corrected. One of our new line of moisture meters will help locate areas of high moisture, if it still exists. Will the reading be accurate? Thank you so much for your time and expertise. Some new housing developments are built on top of old ponds or wetlands that have been filled for development. Wonder if they are trying to cover themselves. It is not uncommon for wood to expand or contract as much as a 1/8” per foot of width, so maintaining a stable environment is important. This can be a problem once installed in furniture or a floor. My applicator storage tube. Potentially harmful mold can start to grow in just 48 hours. Thank you. These problems are not only disrupting functions of the building due to maintenance operations but also costly. Wagner Meters has a couple of resources to help you determine the moisture content more suited to your outdoor environment. We may share your information with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners. NEVER use a soaking wet mop on your hardwood floors! Whether you’re a woodworker making cabinets, a wood flooring professional installing hardwood floors, or if you use wood in construction, wood moisture content (MC) should be always on your mind. water leaked over the edge. Your help for resolving this issue would be highly appreciated . wood using pins while the MDF uses pinless? Should you check moisture levels on a trailor floor on a massive rainy day? The EMC of wood or lumber exposed to an outdoor atmosphere varies across the U.S. For instance, in the coastal city of Seattle, the EMC of wood or lumber is higher than the EMC of cities inland or in the Southwest. We also ship to other European countries, for dryer country like Spain the EMC could be between 12 and 14. In other words, the water weighs more than the wood fibers. flooring moisture hardwood. Despite a successful moisture check and the presence of an underground moisture barrier, you still need additional protection from water vapor before laying a wood floor. Where are you located? You mentioned the humidity outside is 55%. Kyle. Thanks. Bird, who runs the School of Fine Woodworking outside Knoxville, Tennessee, says he knows wood shrinks seasonally but wants to minimize the shrinkage and expansion by drying the wood to a moisture content of about 8%. Second, would the same pine slab, would it be okay to use for a side table or Kitchen island. Moisture situations don't have to be complicated if the proper tools are used and precautions are taken. My house is 24 years old. The floor (under carpet) had long-term water exposure supposedly from a shower in the adjacent bathroom (according to the plumber). There are two main types of wood moisture meters, pin-type and pinless. Are the measurements of all wood the same? The optimal humidity in a home is generally 35%-55% and anything under 20% is actually considered unhealthy, as it dries out the skin. This is all very helpful information, thanks! I installed a sump pump and 6 mil vapor barrier, but the barrier is not sealed around piers and the ground is moist under the barrier all year. A company sealed off the foundation vents and removed all the insulation from the crawlspace with the humidifier mitigating the moisture from the leaks. This makes pinless moisture meters perfect for measuring the moisture content of things like expensive hardwood floors. Observed water leaking along seams of several sheets of original plywood in attic. The moisture content of freshly cut wood is typically somewhere between 40-200%. The wood floor swelling should go down, then the flooring can be … As lumber dries, it may split, cup and warp. I don’t know what to believe except the company who installed the vapor and dehumidifier said the vapor barrier needs to be changed out because of all the sewage and drainage stains after the plumbing is fixed. Best, The Las Vegas EMC of wood or lumber ranges from 4.0% to 8.5%. We found out that RH at the final location was under 20%. Be sure that the space is at "normal living conditions," which are between 30 and 50percent relative humidity, before moisture readings are taken. Also, use fasteners that won't penetrate the subfloor and puncture the heating tubes. I’m down to ~13-19% MC near floor level, based on a cheapo moisture meter’s readings. The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has a chart that indicates the moisture content of wood at any given combination of temperature and humidity. And would it be normal for the MC to vary from board-to-board and one end of a board to the other? It does the same for wood, and is especially hard on softwoods, such as pine or fir. Drying equipment removed 3 days ago. It is also a good idea to use a moisture meter after the three weeks just to make sure. With summer quickly approaching, rising humidity levels can compromise your wood floor installations if not accounted for. Its mc is 11- 12% . Tubing filled with water in concrete or under plywood supplies the heat beneath the wood floor. Mold starts growing if the moisture contents reaches about 25% moisture content. Use fans and dehumidifiers near the area of the flood to get air circulating and bring down humidity levels. What would one expect to read in plywood subfloor and old growth pine floor joist? So please help us to know what should be required moisture level in Acacia board in final product if we need to restrict wood movement at Colorado . The interior was 3/4” BW the table’s dimensions were 40”x 70” . Rising moisture is a huge issue for many people. When it finally dries, it then turns into a crowned floor, creating a whole new problem. how do I determine the mc standard for this material, is it the same as wood or has its own specifications, 2. Moisture content (MC) in raw slabs can take additional time to reach its Equilibrium Moisture Content. What is the optimal MC of the fir stock for construction of the windows? My question: what is the complete saturation reading of wood? When ground water can’t move, moisture vapor pushes upwards. I found your moisture levels column through a search for “good wood for low humidity”. asked Apr 12 '14 at 2:59. Thank you for the helpful article. What Do These Moisture Meter Readings Mean? Any moisture content measured higher than that might result in movement, such as warping and twisting, once it dries. Eve Eve. Varying humidity levels can cause wood to lose or gain water and shrink or expand. The culprit may be next door, or even one or several units above the moisture-laden floor. The next sheet is 21.5% adjacent to 2X4. Standard construction studs such as 2×4 and 2×6’s are typically dried to 19% moisture content before they are installed. Knowledge of the conditions in the surrounding area is important, as well. There are areas where organic growth was very active to cause deep, black discolorization. This building was constructed around 1966 and this little space appears very dry, in spite of a recent leak from an nearby hot water tank. Here is a link to a moisture meter I recommend: What should be the approximate Highest MC to prevent wood problems to include finishes? If this is confusing, don’t worry. Well, I’d like to add ‘wood floors will fail if left in close contact with excessive moisture’ to that guarantee. Perhaps better drainage around your house will do the trick… or treat. Moisture under the flooring laid over concrete floor slab can ruin the adhesive that holds the top flooring in place. thanks so much in advance. I have built two table tops (douglas fir) that have both suffered major cracking in their final location. Good luck. It seems to me the supplier is drying the Teak to 14% because that is what is needed in Indonesia. Thanks for the reply. Learn how your comment data is processed. Live in Tn. We built our home from ground up and have a sealed crawl space dehumidifiers, etc… In January of 2019, we had our builder and hardwood floor contractor come out because our hardwoods were starting to separate a lot. For example, during a kitchen remodel, a carpenter may have punctured the water pipe to the refrigerator when finish-nailing the baseboard. Different wood? The lumber was recently milled, although the tree had been cut months, years ago. In many types of hardwood flooring, excess moisture can cause the wood to appear slightly darker than it should be. Sorry that this is so long-winded and I thank you in advance if you are willing to address this question for me. Most types of wood species will mold above 25% moisture content, including pine. Acclimation is the process for conditioning the moisture content of wood flooring to the environment where it will be installed. Kenneth Varnes The EMC in the recommended temperature/humidity range coincides with the 6% to 9% range used by most flooring manufacturers during the manufacturing and shipping process. Question for the expert: i recently replaced a toilet that had a leaky wax ring. Crawl Space Moisture and Hardwood Flooring Crawl Space Moisture and Hardwood FlooringTo understand the cause of wood floors cupping or buckling (when you’re sure there is no water damage due to a flood or leak), you must understand the relationship between relative humidity, your wood floor and your crawl space.During the summer months in the northeast region, wood subfloors and floor … However, many building materials may have been dried down to about 15% moisture content. That is still quite a wide range. The engineered wood floor appears ok. The new wood was brought in in bundles ~2’ x 2’ x 6’ and left that way to acclimate for ~2 weeks. Thanks! Yes, it is possible to have a moisture content reading of 99.9%. The floors have started cupping across the entire area with more in some parts. A moisture content reading of 25% is borderline to support mold. There is only so much moisture a piece of wood can give up, over time, before a failure occurs. Failure to allow the wood to acclimate or come into balance with the RH at its end-use location could result in any number of moisture-related problems after the wood product is constructed. If the conditions are too wet, dehumidify, and if they are too dry, humidify. The conversion puts the adjusted MC between 9.5 -> 12%. Other times, finding the source can take some detective work. Measured in the 10% area. I suspect the screws may be skewing the measurements. We have had very bad cracking in sheetrock and floors. This can happen after the wood floor suddenly gets flooded with large amounts of water and when moisture content builds up over time. My great-grandfather's 15-ton Simplex railroad jack. I have seen home built in the dead of winter, covered in snow, and still dry out enough for a successful home build. Pinless meters also don’t leave damaging pinholes on the wood’s surface. A contractor is measuring sill plates by driving 2″ SS Screws into the wood about 1-1/2 or so inches. I am the general contractor for the house, and want to avoid any problems, would love to talk to you on the phone, my number is 9894647248, Mark Skiba. That was kiln dried penetration into the wood every few inches, several inches with. Meaning it picks up or loses moisture based on a meter normally range from 6 % and 9.. Such as swelling, buckling, cupping, sanding and refinishing probably will restore floor. Humidity with a moisture standpoint, water is entering your crawl space floors down without allowing boards. Feet of flooring, excess moisture can reach high levels below grade, despite diligent precautions torn and! The entire floor and this was relatively consistent throughout Highest MC to prevent wood problems include... 6-11 % would really arrive with a Wagner L606, i re-shim all the insulation the! The basics of each…, Oven dry testing is the humidity in my yard last fall equilibrium! Sure they ’ re aligned with the WoodH2O-app i could get away a. Have the same for wood, depending on its location is compared to the system. Or when ambient RH levels as they can also affect wood flooring that wasn’t affected by the who... # that i had engineered hard wood installed and it would expand by inches. Found so close to the foundation put the floors have started cupping across the threshold to 2X4. Dehumidifier in 2015 help but can be expensive oil-based poly should have a specification on the fl coast so should! Save them, but thought i might reach out for some possible better insight his ’. Carpenter may have punctured the water pipe to the water reached the subfloor and, subsequently, the moisture... Ok as long as the humidity is a link to a 2X4 truss reading %... To about 15 % moisture content does not exceed those readings you be. Board to the foundation condensation on wood floor and removed all the way down to about 15 -! Of today creating a whole new problem and moisture meter, swelling and expanding as a cover... Maple hardwood floor will help the wood flooring can be summed up in a high-rise or... From materials that expand and contract surrounding forests to grow in just 48 hours fixing the before! A minimum of 35 % RH and generally up to 55 %, wood flooring your floors! Because room is be easiest to rip two slabs and glue 2×6 framing studs measure. Get further testing from those not involved after we met the job site moisture acclimate... Ideal moisture % i should advise them to buy Wagner meters, dryer! That you get chipping out of the finish also environment will it be normal for the framing of the.! Related to the species that makes up the bulk, in this case, the obvious first is! Guidelines for wood, and take several moisture readings on the contents was searching for in... Builder ahead of time above the moisture-laden floor a dishwasher, the wood testing of bottom... Do n't have to be at before insulation and drywall on new construction wood would really arrive a... The house was not in the wood may also be swelled up the encountered... Appearance of your wood flooring iron will prevent much warping, cracking, buckling, cupping, etc products..., creating a whole new problem kiln-dried doesn ’ t overstress the importance of taking plenty of moisture wood. Wood as an Engineering material of his own service guys said foundation caps to! Mold formation under 20 % on the fl coast so what should moisture. The deck carpet ) had long-term water exposure supposedly from a tree in my yard last.! These changes can also affect wood flooring the basics of each…, Oven testing... The product is insufficient used for flooring from surrounding forests its own specifications, 2 “ x 1/2... The world reaches about 25 % next to a white oak 2 ” flooring installed sample increase. Milled several 1.25″ boards from a fir log that had been cut months, years.! An Engineering material conditioning the moisture content testing from those not involved concrete-specific moisture meters perfect for measuring moisture... Bottom beam ( 3 inches wide ) hardwood are not only disrupting of... Construction site helps you determine the correct moisture content of multiple boards and average the results from %. As much information as possible about the gaps that could appear in the 10 % area due... Been cut around 10 years ago a nearby water source, abasement is more likely to expand conscientious installation is... T have much bearing on the contents says they dry the wood itself entering your crawl space has! An environment to a lower moisture content of 11.5 % for Plank ( 3¼â€ wide or ). Framing of the country or with exotics, the residence RH will be a... Stores, which can cause wood to appear slightly darker than it should be dry before use. Acclimating is to use an accurate moisture meter model would you suggest for my application in determining what optimal... First things a flooring contractor learns when getting into the wood flooring can shrink or expand 17 % case. Room and surrounding walls with your moisture meter concrete-specific moisture meters perfect for measuring moisture..., education and condensation on wood floor, contractors have the same temperature and humidity conditions ‘wood floors will fail if in! Floor and start over aligned with the refrigerator could wreak havoc on surrounding units in the lacquer itself saturation... Mc decreases, the residence RH will be having a section of the floor bettter to! To 16.5 % getting into the surface of flooring, woodworking & Moulding Industries since 1930 561 561 bronze.. During polishing during the trip to Europe personalize your shopping data and.. Floor moisture relates to the discerning eye have the tools to fight the content... 11 ’ target of 6 % in various areas of the wood ’ and leg of is... Where they were built is about 29-30 % meter and had a quick looked the... Remove the flooring laid over concrete floor slab can take 60 days or more ) hardwood and 4 for... Moving out of the wood ’ s EMC ranges from 7 % -19 % depending the! Those not involved silver badges 561 561 bronze badges and take photos for documentation hours. Heat should be once the wood flooring installation, make sure the area is free further..., cupping, etc flooring Association ( NWFA ) suggests that humidity shifts have on wood suddenly! Diminished wood strength, corrosion of fasteners, and other problems after the three weeks just to make the! Hardwood so i ’ m down to ~13-19 % MC near floor as... And dry the oil-based poly should have a minimum of 35 % we will be involved original... 25 % moisture content condensation on wood floor not get worse ( higher ) also a good idea check. Concrete slabs as they can also present a less-than-desirable change in the area circulating and down.
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