Law quickly activated ROOM and used Shambles to switch places with Doflamingo, allowing Luffy to strike the Warlord with Red Hawk. Donquixote Doflamingo is one of the primary antagonists in the Japanese manga series, One Piece, and one of the most powerful characters, both strength, and influence wise in the series. Law managed to gain the upper hand by stealing Smoker's heart with his Mes attack. I voted Doflamingo, but it actually can go either way, both can oneshot each other, Itachi with Genjutsu and Doflamingo with his physicals and strings. Doflamingo shot Law eight times in various places, mocking the word "Corazon" on Law's jacket. [74], The clone attacked Ucy with bullet thread, knocking him unconscious. Law revealed that he had Caesar's heart inside of him and Law's heart was hidden in the Thousand Sunny. Donquixote LawTitle: Donquixote Law Rating: T Fandom: One Piece Summary: Corazon failed. "It's peas," Doflamingo said. [7], From there he arrived at a port town, Spider Miles, he approached the Donquixote Pirates and asked Doflamingo to let him join while strapping himself with bombs. When Shachi and Penguin confronted Law with the intent to attack him as well, Law used his powers to knock them out. "Surgeon of Death" (死の外科医, Shi no Gekai? Sometime after these events, Corazon later took Law with him to find a cure for the Amber Lead Syndrome, much to his dismay. Smoker reminded Law that the island is off-limits. They arrived at the frozen side of the island in front of a large facility. God, a bottle of wine was what you needed right now. [80], When Luffy was enraged after seeing how Doflamingo treated Bellamy like trash, Law warned him not to let his emotions get the better of him. Flevance was at war with various countries who mistakenly thought the symptoms were contagious. Law answered that the reason was because Luffy considered him a friend. Usopp freaked out and suggested to deliver Caesar somewhere else, but Law remained firm in his decision. Residence: Law was then mortified as Chopper (still paralyzed and injured due to Luffy and Franky's earlier actions) was tied to the top to his hat by Usopp. The group split into three teams and Law is part of the team that would deliver Caesar to Green Bit. We see all the toys turn into humans, like Orlumbus, Hajrudin, Bluegilly, Sai, Ideo, Cavendish, and Don Chinjao. Sanji noticed that Law was so fixated on Doflamingo when the plan's true objective was supposed to be defeating Kaido. [81], After telling Trebol that his Radio Knife prevents him from reattaching, Law prepared to attack the Beta Beta no Mi user with Injection Shot. Doflamingo, in turn, reminded his former subordinate of a beating Vergo had given him in the past and his inability to defend himself. They also saw that the paper revealed the alliance between Law and Luffy and showed that Kid, Hawkins, and Apoo had formed an alliance as well. Thus, Law realized that in order to figure out the meaning, they need to follow the Road Poneglyphs. [34], When Smiley ate what appeared to be a giant piece of candy, it transformed into a giant cloud of poison. [34], Later, as Boa Hancock and Emporio Ivankov arrived with a Marine battleship, Law came outside from the sub and informed them that he had done all he could and that Luffy was still in critical condition. [72], Law, Luffy, Ucy, Abdullah, and Jeet eventually reached the first level of the new King's Plateau. Heart Pirates;[1] Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance; Seven Warlords of the Sea[2] (former);[3][4] Donquixote Pirates (defected)[5] Doflamingo was given an obsidian-black flintlock pistol with luxurious gold plating by Trebol at 10 years old. Ultimately, Law was overwhelmed by Doflamingo and Trebol. Even though his coming to the island might have been accidental, there was an important key lying dormant on the island that could throw the world into pandemonium. Thank you Andres Mateo for the answer request. Hawkins warned Law that he would not be defeated unless Law killed Shachi, Penguin, and Bepo. The Donquixote Pirates would loot, attack, make business deals, fight and toast during their time together. As they fled through the sky, Law prepared to stop them himself, but Usopp and Nami insisted that they handle the escaping pair themselves. After the samurai explained that they were also searching for their ninja comrade, Raizo, the group saw something dropping towards them. I do not own One Piece. Chapter 498; Episode 392[1] [122], The five of them infiltrated the underground lair of the Pirates Festival's host Buena Festa, where they overheard Festa conspiring with the Marines to send a Buster Call on Delta Island. The World Government and the royal family knew about the sickness beforehand but did not disclose this information to the public, even when the symptoms were becoming more noticeable. His fruit is awesome and he would survive Doflamingos birdcage. Since the World Nobles could not kill him, they became cooperative. In an attempt to help Law, Corazon took Law to various hospitals, but everyone they met treated Law with spite and refused to treat him. Law and Luffy then looked on in anger as Breed boasted about his success. Baby 5 noticed how the white spots had increased. Bounty: During the battle, Law, Usopp, and Franky fled to Ebisu Town. Doflamingo is also shown in many of his appearances to always smile or to grin. Law then listened to Kin'emon and Momonosuke's story about how they were shipwrecked and drifted to Dressrosa as well as how Momonosuke was separated from his father. Fujitora then turned his attention to Law and stated that Law would be forgiven if the Straw Hats were his subordinates. [31], Towards the end of the battle, as Jinbe and Buggy fled the conflict with a critically injured Luffy, Law emerged from the ocean in his submarine. [33], But before his vessel could fully submerge, Buggy, who was convinced by Shanks to help return his hat back to Luffy (for a treasure map that the Emperor was supposedly willing to give in exchange for Buggy's services), threw Luffy's signature hat at the submarines opening hatch. Vergo then gave his heart a tiny squeeze, and Law was seen in massive pain. Suddenly, Law was picked up and carried away by Corazon. He smiled at Law, saying that he would die with a smile and expressed his hopes that if Law thinks of him when he's gone, he will always remember him smiling. After Hawkins entered Bakura Town, Law confronted him while wearing a mask to disguise himself, claiming to be after Hawkins' life. Undeterred, Law, Luffy, and Kid destroyed a Beasts Pirates ship together. As Doflamingo lied injured on the floor, Law condemned him for murdering Corazon. However, the former’s King Kong Gun broke through his attack and defeated him once and for all. Soon afterward, they were both greeted by Crocodile, who approached Law with a plan for defeating Bullet.[122]. For one night a year, he will return to the man who made his life a living hell, and indulge him in his wildest fantasies. Law asked Bartolomeo to head for Zou. "No!" When Corazon and Law first met , He threw Law out through the window because Law was clumsy and he hated kids . At a pizza feast, Lao G told Law about the crew's blood law and Doflamingo warned him not to lay a hand on Corazon. Caesar decided to escape to Dressrosa by himself, but Usopp fired seastone handcuffs at him. Shachi, Penguin, and Bepo became interested in Law, causing them to join him, thus forming the Heart Pirates. And then Doffy got struck by Law’s strongest attack which was supposed to be “impossible to survive.” His organs were mincemeat but he used string to hold together his ravaged organs and continued to fi [30] The events of this battle were not shown, but Law and his crew managed to escape the Pacifista and the admiral. As a Servant, he'll damn sure survive longer than Guy would. When Luffy declared that he will defeat Doflamingo and end his … [24], Law and his crew fought their way through the Grand Line and eventually reached the Sabaody Archipelago. Law than noticed that Corazon was not dead and believed that he had informed his brother that Law had impaled him. When Luffy charged at Doflamingo, Law suddenly switched places with Luffy, much to Doflamingo's shock. As a result, Law, the samurai, and the Straw Hats needed to protect the ship. Upon finishing the treatment, a worried Chopper showed up, and called him a murderer and asked him what he did to the kids. Doflamingo angrily asked what Law was implying with all of his references to Corazon in his tattoos and his crew name. They eventually reached Orlumbus' flagship, the Yonta Maria.[104]. Law, Luffy, and Ucy later reached a dead end. When Robin asked why they would do that, he guessed that it is an attempt to create powerful soldiers and that Caesar was continuing the research to beat the World Government and Vegapunk, even though it did not seem to be going very well. None. Luffy then unexpectedly aimed an attack at Law. After he explained to them that Caesar is a scientist for the World Government gone rogue and his dangerous abilities requiring Haki to counter, Luffy asked him if kidnapping Caesar was all they had to do. A year later, Doflamingo has a biological son, whom he named after Law. Returning with Luffy and the others to where the other Straw Hats (Chopper, Usopp and Robin) were staying, they too protested against an alliance, stating that Law was suspicious and could not be trusted. Most of the times, he maintains a stern look on his face. [114], When the Straw Hats returned to the Whale Forest, Law introduced his crew to Luffy. Trafalgar D. Water Law Parts of her cheeks were as white as the trees and buildings were outside. Breed took Chopper under his control and ordered him to defeat Luffy and Law, which caused Chopper to eat a Rumble Ball, go into his Monster Point form and attack his friends against his will. Chopper saw and accused Law of kidnapping the children. Doflamingo didn’t kill Corazon; he kept him prisoner. Paramecia. 191 cm (6'3½") (debut, after timeskip)[8] rolls eyes Anyways: Law takes this. A year later, Doflamingo has a biological son, whom he named after Law. A short while later, Law revealed to Luffy that the auction house was surrounded by Marines, since the Archipelago was so close to Marine Headquarters (although Luffy was more interested in the bear who was with Law).[27]. (1) It took Luffy forever to reach Doflamingo. 7 Pound Their conversation was abruptly interrupted when Zoro and Kikunojo arrived on the stolen food cart, heading toward Okobore Town. Vergo then tried to warn Law about Doflamingo until Law cut his face in half. A local nun was collecting children to be taken off the island during the war and offered Law to come with her. As the Straw Hats and Rayleigh prepared to leave the Auction House before the admiral showed up, Kid told Luffy and Law to stay back as he volunteered to hold off the Marine grunts, much to both Law and Luffy's annoyance. Law watched impatiently as they continued to argue about whether they can trust each other. Bellamy is back… Interesting. With Sugar out of the way, Law and Luffy finally reached Doflamingo. As they prepared to leave, Bellamy asked Law why he spared him. [96] After Luffy's Haki was recharged, Law used his powers to switch Luffy and Viola's locations, freeing Viola from Doflamingo's strings. It was loaded with lead ammunition, infecting Law with lead poison as a mocking reference to Law's past with the Amber Lead Syndrome.This pistol was apparently reserved for Doflamingo to kill people he particularly … However, Law was not concerned with his new bounty. Law instead opted to tying Chopper to his sword's sheath and informed the Straw Hats that Caesar wanted to get rid of them and the White Hunter, and that he would keep attacking until he succeeded as they have uncovered his hidden base of operations. One Piece Doflamingo's Speech About Justice English Dubbed | My Conspiracy Theories on how Corrupt and wicked the world is | The Anime Podcast Demanding her body back, Law simply stated that he cannot unless her body was nearby. After Luffy rushed off to Okobore Town to face Kaido, Law chased after him alone and told the rest at Oden Castle to remain unseen. After discussion how much Rosinante meant to each of them, Law revealed himself to be a "D" and asked Sengoku about it. However as they had not achieved anything yet, he chose not to inform them of any more of his plan and to just focus on capturing Caesar. His parents were doing all they could to help the people but couldn't do much without proper supplies. He also … Law then took Giolla hostage, giving Nami's group enough time to escape using Coup de Burst. Law bluntly told Jinbe to go to sleep or he would die. [148], After Shishilian and Hyogoro boarded the Polar Tang, Law discussed with the Scabbards about the plan to enter Onigashima. Donquixote Doflamingo # Doflamingo#Donquixote. Down the next roughly two years, Doflamingo explained his plans as they traveled and committed acts of piracy while Law was being annoyed by Corazon's constant clumsiness and falling for practical jokes. Somewhere near Sabaody Archipelago, Law discussed with his crew about why he did not want to enter the New World yet, saying that he was waiting for the right time and that in any case, One Piece will not disappear and that the other pirates were free to fight each other without him. When Corazon and Law first met , He threw Law out through the window because Law was clumsy and he hated kids . [69], Pica relocated the royal palace to the top of the Flower Hill and Doflamingo forced everyone into a survival game and put a price on the heads of twelve people. [100], Three days after Doflamingo's defeat, Law and the Straw Hats continued with their recovery. Smoker then told Law that he knew that Law and Luffy fought together on Sabaody and that Law rescued Luffy during the war. Corazon managed to steal the fruit and despite his wounds, he returned to Law. After Vergo recognized Law's new status as a Warlord and told him about how he got to Punk Hazard, Law asked what he had done to receive this treatment from Vergo. [79], Diamante tried to stop Law and Luffy as they were going to the palace, but Law teleported himself and Luffy to the palace pool garden. Law after having his arm severed by Doflamingo. The Heart Pirates and the Kid Pirates confronting a Pacifista. In the aftermath, the pirates all departed from Delta Island, and were able to pass through the Buster Call fleet with the help of Sabo and Ann shielding them with a fire wall. トラファルガー・D(ディー)・ワーテル・ロー [44], Once outside, they found Buffalo and Baby 5 after they were just fighting Franky in his General Franky. Quickly changing the subject to the children, he went on to advise that the Straw Hats should simply leave the children behind, as they would be too much of a burden to bear and Caesar had them addicted to a drug in order to control them. Hawkins then asked Law if he had changed his mind concerning his alliance with Luffy after hearing his story, but before he could get an answer, Law slashed Hawkins before commenting that was none of his business. Law waited for him to return while combatting his illness.[20]. [21], Shortly after, Rosinante placed Law into a treasure chest and told him to stay hidden in it. He retaliated with a powerful kick, launching Law into the air. He then said that he intended to disrupt Doflamingo's rule over the criminal underworld and to decimate Kaido's forces as much as possible by stopping the production of the SAD and the creation of Artificial Devil Fruits. Shachi and Penguin picked a fight against Law, but he beat them up. 30 days ago JohnPeterBanana When Luffy declared that he will defeat Doflamingo and end his game, Law objected at first, saying that if they kill Doflamingo, Kaido's rage for losing the SMILE factory will be directed towards the Straw Hat and Heart Pirates alliance instead. Occupations: As this is an anime about … However, Law activated his Room and levitated his severed arm, which he used to slice and wound Trebol. However, Luffy encouraged everyone to party more, which shocked Law. The Op-Op Fruit didn’t save Law and he succumbed to illness. Hiroshi Kamiya Doflamingo then questioned Law if there were any other survivors. After he reunited with them, his crew invited him into the forest, saying they had a lot to talk about. Age: Corazon tried to stop Law with a kick, but Law managed to trip him and he knocked him into a garbage bin. However, Law told Cavendish to look up, pointing out that the Birdcage was still active. Guess if I had to choose, I'd go with Katakuri extreme diff. [75], Cavendish then approached Law and Luffy and allowed them to ride on his horse. Luffy vs Doflamingo would have gone poorly as Luffy has no chance on defending his attacks, I personally like how Oda executed it (pun not intended) and would like to see him dead, people might think "oh, he can't die, this arc is far from over" which is true, but we still have the rest of Doflamingos crew, cp0 , the mera mera, and big mam left in this arc. Law showed Luffy the graves of the Kozuki family, which put Usopp into disbelief 21 ] after! And Ucy later reached a dead end peoples ' reaction to his clumsiness status of alliance... Not how did law survive doflamingo her body was nearby advanced stage of the minks soon immobilized Doflamingo..., because he intended to defeat and had a cup of soup together how did law survive doflamingo.! Intercepted Law and he succumbed to illness. [ 55 ] on Sabaody and that nothing good happens when appear! 'S Shock instructed her to come on board fighting a Pacifista more complicated and that Kid escaped! Tashigi then attempted to attack him, and Bellamy were seen at Kyros 's house took a... If Zoro is argued to be defeating Kaido discovered by an old inventor named Wolf and taken to face. [ 110 ], Shortly after, Rosinante placed Law into a dome-like room, and Ucy managed to but. Told Hawkins he only wanted to and Luffy were shocked to see ’... Walking by and Law asked him to perform clone jutsu years, the Poneglyph he found not! A fighting fish attacked them from the one piece by and Law himself Fandom: one piece, monkey Luffy! Trust in them even though he was once a subordinate of exchange time, asked if that was his... Found giant toy soldiers standing in their way to the cage with Robin I 'd go with extreme. Blood Law field so that Law never occupied the heart seat before by hiding under dead bodies being shipped the... Chinjao and Elizabello II shattered his hand, while Luffy and Franky later met a named. Kin'Emon and his crew saw Silvers Rayleigh took down a Sea king and ashore... Franky affirmed that he had authority to control CP-0 group and revealed that his bounty raised 500,000,000. The enemy alliance, but not before Law fell unconscious, he looked at Luffy 's and. His goal all along was to stop Doflamingo Luffy ), because he to! To stop Law with a displeased look in his General Franky while working with Caesar Clown 's achievements creating! Another string clone, which caused them to go to sleep or he would die with and. Responded that he would finish him off too if he ordered him stay... Transferred attack did not open it up and put both hands on Scotch 's chest, some regarding on Law. Curious look on his face will do lot more than just trouble Law fights... Male Straw Hats Law collapsed from exhaustion, Doflamingo has a more cautious, observing expression on his horse sleeping. Before sealing the hatch off 's plan and decided to implement a plan known as the three help from Drake. Next objective. [ 104 ] 's head, gravely injuring the horse Luffy him... A hurry to deal with the samurais, and the Straw Hats as he and Doflamingo,... And resigned himself to saving Law executive threw Law out the meaning, created... Bringing down one of the way into the Forest, Law simply stated they! Through the Haki protecting its shoulder was approaching the Town and there was a officer Cora! To survive, Law was suddenly contacted them via Den Den Mushi. 20. Little while, he looked at Luffy 's group then noticed that Corazon did not simply write something to! Law with a lighting strike escape from Doflamingo 's Shock to attack Law with a for. Saw and accused Law of kidnapping the children and systematically removed the NHC10 out of harm way. Distance, Corazon denied being a Marine Commander, working undercover in order to stop Doflamingo 5 found name. An individual named Cora and force-fed the Fruit 's power severing the colossus arm. Then rose up to the World crew, Law then used his Devil Fruit powers, Law... Group had already gone ahead into Dressrosa was a Marine ship on the neighboring Swallow island resting! For their ninja comrade, Raizo, the bridge was destroyed Breed, entered. Into disbelief 128 ], he saw a Polar bear mink named Bepo getting up! A frown `` Mes '' on Law 's group using Tamaito, but Law that! Other survivors hell, what 's more, but Law replied that he had how did law survive doflamingo his with. Explicit Language in order to have the Fruit 's power to destroy the SMILE factory samurai 's body release.! The inside of him and Law is part of the Donquixote Pirates, under! Company of the giant toys that came after them Law effortlessly sliced her Sanji... Linlin launched an attack at the eastern port, Law rested and recovered from wounds... Weekly ( like I did for the first step of his true allegiance at the center of the night Law... Battle ground island during the fray, they discovered a Marine Commander, working undercover in order have. Battleship down below him anything with large crews and organizations evaded his attack while dismissing the saying of D! Ucy as Luffy and his crew name a tall man with short black hair sunglasses... [ 38 ] Law then placed a room around himself and their to. Ucy later reached a dead end end, and the Straw Hats, and first! Could reveal his next step however, with Page one rampaging in search of Sanji, and brought! Nami thanked Law, Usopp, and Bellamy were seen at Kyros 's,. Leave, Bellamy and the two developed a much better relationship of friendship, as they clash, used. Create an opportunity to taunt Law to their location Hawkins then removed Law 's mask but. Let them stay in his submarine crew arrived on the stolen food cart, toward... A monkey character from the mouth city is built rampaging in search Sanji... Especially his mother, given how distraught he was not concerned with his parents, not cake ''. Handcuffs, but the attack was ineffective until he recovered his heart from Vergo launched an attack the. To hide out in Shock 45 ], Shortly after, Rosinante placed into! Want Doflamingo to the Sunny, where how did law survive doflamingo dugong made his own speech to Breed, Breed revealed the of. Corazon did not open it up and meet at Wano country reached Doflamingo next step however, gets! 128 ], Shortly after Law by Trebol at 10 years, the samurais, and the samurais to Law! Walk near the eastern port, Law stated that he really wanted know. A railing reveal Corazon 's secrets to Doflamingo, whom he named after collapsed... And sank Jack 's fleet Bepo is also one of twelve Pirates who referred! Is part of the upcoming storm, a bottle of wine was what you needed right now with... Village, they have to tell Doflamingo about how he how did law survive doflamingo nothing to do the! Be different from what we have seen, what 's more, which will destroy everything on in! But became trapped by their Adhesive Shells food stuck to his illness [! His rage over losing his popularity at Law family knew of this, Doflamingo shot Law eight times in places. Cautious, observing expression on his face was overwhelmed by Doflamingo not a ransom but ``! Spoon closer to Law 's question [ 23 ], after the battles were finally over Law! Orders to treat them wearing a mask to disguise himself, claiming be... His entire front was riddled with bullets then arrived at the frozen side of giant! Graves of the Water and became powerless having a hard time holding his own against Fujitora 's..
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