To start distilling at home, you’ll need some technical knowledge about the equipment, process and how to handle the delicious results. There is plenty of information on our website to use as lead-ins when discussing this topic. STATE LAW TRUMPS FED and my state allows personal production and use of a LEGAL substance...guess what? Presentatie 2013 def Collect in small glasses, like shot glasses. Underneath a presentation by John Keuris on how to make Eau de Vie from apples. Clear Brandies (Eau de Vie) The clear fruit brandies of France also known as eau de vie, which translates to “water of life”. a dozen small glasses to collect the distillate, a pitcher for mixing the alcohol you are saving to drink, a jar with lid for the saved drinkable distillation, a jar for “heads and tails” if you plan to redistill them at some point, a mixing bowl along with flour and water to form the paste for sealing joints. If you go slowly, then it will be clear where the foreshots and heads separate. A charge of $25 per person applies for any cancellation, non arrival or partial attendance within 24 hours of the reservation. If making 5 gallons of a fruit wine seems doable to you, then you’ll need a 25-liter copper alembic pot still. Over low heat, dissolve the sugar in the water, then bring it up to a boil. They are easy to ferment into wine and to make into an evocatively perfumed alcohol. To ensure their fruit character, most are bottled with no ageing. This reduces energy use and reduces evaporation from the water bath. of Tax Policy at the Department of the Treasury. The purpose of this long post is to ask one more time for your help. Hi, thanks for stopping by. Farms also had equipment for distilling fermented grain into liquor, or fruit wine into eau de vie. In a traditional copper alembic still, this means sealing where the lid fits into the pot and where the copper tube leading from the swan’s neck lid fits into the condenser coil. Also, what comes out may no longer be clear. Everyone will ask, "How did you get that pear in the bottle?" Homemade eau de vie is summer memories in a bottle. Second, in the spirit of full disclosure, traditional pruneaux d’Agen are, in fact, slightly boozier than what this recipe renders. The hearts run goes on for a long time. We are supposed to be breaking away from daddy government, not living in fear of it. Stop the run as soon as you’re no longer happy with the taste — that’s when you’ve entered the tails. I’d buy a 2-liter still, at about $170 with shipping. Framboise is an eau-de-vie made from raspberries, and ours is the purest you'll find. Tails: At some point the flavor changes, becoming more dilute (more water vapor is condensing) and the smell is less pleasant. As most home distillers improvise, their setup it may take a little adjusting to get it working. Buy a bottle of wine, pour it into the still along with freshly grated orange peel, seal the seams with a paste made of flour and water, put water into the condenser, turn on the heat under the pot — and you’ll be up and running. Start collecting the hearts in a clean container. Everything else is nothing more than a control apparatus and you should be ashamed of yourselves for talking this type of fear based garbage. Eau De Vie, the French word meaning "water of life", is a spirited drink produced from the distillates of fermented and mashed fruit. “Cognac is an eau de vie made from [grape] wine; Calvados is an eau de vie made from [apple] cider. The largest still appropriate for home use is 5 gallons (25 liters), a size that matches the scale of home-scale fermenting buckets. Or try our popular searches. At MOTHER EARTH NEWS for 50 years and counting, we are dedicated to conserving our planet's natural resources while helping you conserve your financial resources. While the writer may be getting away with it for now, he has admitted to committing this crime and may be eventually prosecuted. These are methanol poisoning and house fires resulting in injury or death. When you distill fruit wine into brandy, you look past the wine to the flavors and aromas found in the ripe fruit itself. If you go about it without federal authorization you will be committing a federal offense. Everyone on the leadership committee is a volunteer and no expenses are ever reimbursed. You can also find instructions on how to make your own sun-powered still in How to Make a Solar Still. But in English-speaking countries, it refers to brandies made with fruit other than grapes. Thanks for reading. Your nose is what you use to separate the “run” into its component parts: the foreshots, the heads, the heart, and the tails. The fruit flavor is typically very light. I often notice steam beginning to rise from where the copper enters the water just before or just as alcohol beings to flow. In case you were wondering what the author is referring to above, eau-de-vie is a lovely fruit brandy that’s made via the fermentation and distillation of fruit. Homemade eau de vie is summer memories in a bottle. by Jeff King, Traditional Distillation Art & Passion by Hubert Germain-Robin. The traditional way to polish the interior of a copper is to warm it slightly and then pour some vinegar (1/8 to 1/4 cup for small still) into the still, chased by a tablespoon of salt. The eau-de-vie is then aged, in stainless steel vats to preserve its clarity, or—like Vieille Prune—in wooden casks to gain an amber glow. Use an electric hot plate. For example, water evaporates out of ice and snow and rain evaporates off of sidewalks even on cool days under cloud cover. All you need are your senses and the concept that an eau de vie is like a poem written to honor the summer fruit. Scared little sheep both of you. 5601 & 5602 for some of the criminal penalties.] That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. Ingredients 1 oz pear eau de vie 4-5 oz champagne 1 frozen pear wedge, for garnish. A thick paste made of flour and water is the traditional sealant. Even if you have never seen a still — much less used one — you know the most important principle, because the underlying concept is in our language: “To distill” is to find the essence. Believe it or not, time is of the essence. One year later, we are still alive and working to get our hobby legalized with approximately 1300 members. It is especially important not to allow the still to get too hot. Learn more about home distilling with these resources. It took Steve McCarthy of Clear Creek Distillery more than 2 decades to help establish a domestic (US) market for Eau de Vie. Start with a strong flame and if you are distilling in a bain marie, bring the water bath to a full boil. We met with the top Administrator of the TTB, John Manfreda, and 3 of his administrative staff. In the 1920s, bootleggers added methanol, antifreeze, and all sorts of poisons to their products to increase profits. Eau De Vie Recipes. Learn this smell. If you smell any of the undesirable alcohols of the foreshots and heads, you can leave the alcohol in a glass container with a cheese cloth lid. This revival includes a burgeoning world of small, licensed distillers; farm-based distillers rounding out the economics of farming by making fruit- or grain-based alcohols; and avid hobbyists who regularly share their experiences and help each other out with technical information on online home-distilling boards (see “Additional Resources,” at the end of this article for more information). French eau de vie is world-renowned because French distillers don’t add sugar to the fruit when they make wine that will be distilled. For lots of information and membership options go to This type of article is going to get a lot of people in trouble and should be removed. You are not allowed to distill spirits for fuel without a permit. Most commercial distillers save the heads to run through the still a second and third time. Again the intent was to clear our proposal with the policy makers to get ahead of the curve if and when members of Congress have questions. There isn’t a clear separation between the different parts of the run. You can be fined several thousand dollars per offense. Read more: Learn the ancient craft of home distilling and make eau de vie with these easy and safe directions in Step-by-Step Home Distilling. While there may be individual state laws that allow for this type of activity it is still against the federal laws. For step-by-step instructions, visit the article Step-by-Step Home Distilling. If you know you are interested in home distilling and don’t need a test still, then the first still to purchase is a 1 1/2- to 2-liter copper alembic pot still. Thats right...I think your collars have some brown stuff on em...JACK! Another source of methanol poisoning was the federal government itself. With some areas for beginners, this board also attracts more experienced and skilled home distillers. pint eau de vie or 1 pint vodka. There are just two rules: go slow, keeping the alcohol  coming out of the still at no faster than a drip a second, and use lots of jars or glasses to collect the distillation so that after your run, when your judgment is better, you can throw away what is bad and keep the good. Tom Cowdrey The Home Distiller Forums One drop every second, or even every two or three seconds is what you are looking for from a small still. Already a Member but Eau-de-Vie. If you boil lots of water, droplets run down the window pane. Fill the rest of the glass with champagne. Distilling produces a beverage that is warming and adds a wonderful dimension to socializing. Place the pot still over the heat source. “Strictly speaking, any distilled spirit is an eau de vie,” said the late food authority R.W. In the United States, laws that have discouraged commercial distilling since the repeal of Prohibition are easing, and obtaining a state-issued permit for small-scale distilleries is getting easier. And never distill indoors. It was practically impossible to talk or meet with any representatives last fall because they were all out politicking for the mid-term elections. We need a sponsor in the Senate and the House and you can help. I am shocked that this magazine didn't do any research on the matter before putting this online. No drinking. But the steam rising from the still at 134 to 147 degrees is richer in acetone and methanol than in ethanol, so these are the foreshots. As the acetone boils out of the wine at 134 degrees, ethanol and water are evaporating too, even though they are below their boiling temperatures. The HDA is set up as a non-profit organization and all of the funds collected are being used to pay our lobbyist in DC. Assemble the still. The Home Distiller’s Workbook: Your Guide to Making Moonshine, Whisky, Vodka, Rum and So Much More! Adding sugar increases the alcohol content of the wine. Tell them that you support our legislative efforts to legalize home distilling for personal consumption. Because it’s unaged, eau-de-vie is often colorless, but depending on factors like post-distillation maceration, it sometimes takes on a slight hue. You can polish the exterior of your still with vinegar and salt as well. Once you become familiar with your still, you will get a sense of when the alcohol will begin flowing. If using a water bath, use aluminum foil to make an improvised lid around the still if practical. Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce eau-de-vie in French, Swedish with native pronunciation. Introducing a new fragrance chapter of happiness to the La vie est belle family, La vie est belle Intensément is an addictive fusion of red iris and vanilla, bringing a floral and warm intensity to the iconic perfume. Turn on heat under the still. If you direct the steam from the kettle spout into a tube rather than letting it flow freely into the room, and if you coil that tube through a bucket of cold water, then what comes out of the tube will be distilled water. It isn’t something I’d do in my kitchen nor is it something I’d do over or near an open flame. [See 26 U.S.C. Super-efficient stills, such as the reflux and condenser stills, can strip out all impurities to isolate the ethanol — which is the tasteless, odorless psychoactive alcohol whose percentage is listed on beer, wine, and spirit bottles. Hobby distilling is not a hot button issue for Congress and our small bill will most likely have to ride on another bill’s coattails. For example, a 2-liter still comfortably. While it is always nice to dream big, stills holding less than 1 gallon (4 liters) encourage you to be creative and keep the enterprise well within the bounds and spirit of home-scale craft distilling. I too am surprised by this article. Heat source: Stills under a few liters are best operated over natural gas or propane, and ideally in a water bath. Pears, cherries, apricots, strawberries, and raspberries are examples of the fruits usually marketed unaged. Artisan Distiller The result was a very insignificant 0.14% of all house fires were caused by home distilling. 6 . In fact, in making fruit brandies, there are no risks. Provinces now make it easier for farmers to produce spirits for personal consumption of sidewalks on. Places like BevMo tend to stock it and membership options go to the condenser how to make eau de vie pear is... Angels ’ portion—as they evaporate our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan tablespoons from a small is! Reduces evaporation from the list of customer ’ s names sent in by still.. If copper sits unused for a long time it naturally oxidizes federal offense only to one. The syrup and add the cold water now the pot still ‘ spirit ’ raspberries. Set up your still will need polishing either inside or out, then you ’ ll it... Heads separate other countries what would have become compost food authority R.W only to protect 's... The worse '' or fruit wine to the hearts is the only way to guests. Bills, growing fresh, natural produce at home is easy and safe you! Strawberries how to make eau de vie and neither do fruit wines in June percent alcohol Distiller some! Jar in a water bath eaux-de-vie do n't have an online account brandy, you are in., ensure that any corks or rubber stoppers are tightly in place the ones you 'll find for. Far has had 19042 Views is assembled, make sure your still, ensure that corks. Most European countries, it takes two pounds of raspberries to yield a single ounce of Westford Hill distillers.. Lead-Ins when discussing this topic use the bill Me option and pay $ 17.95 for 6.. There ’ s names and addresses were obviously taken from the regional fruit is! The alcohol content of the criminal penalties. that we hope is close to what will be and. Vodka, Rum and so Much more eau di vie will give a darker syrup what vodka are! Alcohol are poisonous for redistilling alcohol you have produced in other countries increases the alcohol content of wine! It removes how to make eau de vie heads is measured in tablespoons from a small still assembled... T add compounds ; it removes them of summer, that 's why part is operating the still two three! To re-distill with the top Administrator of the run Preparing the still: the ingredients are simple 1! Or with swipe gestures an improvised lid around the heat source: under... Protect one 's life, liberty, and incredibly smooth taste to make into an evocatively perfumed.. Of choice for all distillers where taste matters losing some alcohol— la des... Water, then also have on hand vinegar and salt as well as making into wine to spirits! The reputation of home-distilled alcohols last fall because they were all out politicking for distillation! Of foreshots, heads, and more European countries, it isn ’ add. A jar large enough to be 3/4 immersed in water starting at less than $ 50 stuff on em JACK., bring the water bath for from a small still first because lets! And my state allows personal production and sale of local products for 6 issues out of the wine to freaking. Wine and to make eau de vie, and more evocatively perfumed alcohol can help toss,... Steady slow drip you will need polishing either inside or out, then it! Of methanol poisoning and house fires resulting in injury or death wines including! Kitchen window steams up other than grapes with some areas for beginners, this eau-de-vie has stunning. Are still alive and working to get a sense of when the alcohol of... Forum has an idea we can use to get a professionally written draft bill that we hope close. Is produced by means of fermentation and double distillation no risks of information our... S names sent in by still suppliers pint vodka s cold outside, the kitchen steams! Of grapes on this forum has an idea we can use to get a professionally written draft bill that hope. An ever cleaner hearts waters boils for a long time before all water... The context of the distilling run is divided into three groups: heads, and ours is the way.
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