This is a simple function but it is a lot of fun to play with and I am pleased that it has been retained for 75159. Like yourself, I was a mere child on the release of the original. @Maladar: Realistically, it's priced only 20% higher than its 2008 price (or 10% higher in 2016 dollars). @CapnRex101 The link to the original Turbolaser is dead. I always thought the old model looked like it was created in the '90s. Two different images can be shown on the view screen by reversing the 2x5 brick inside. The last of the 25 minifigures is referred to as an Imperial Astromech Droid on the box. Besides the obvious ones, I was not entirely clear of which mini figures are of an entirely new design, simply tweaked or issued before. I think the inclusion of the turbolift is intelligent, as well as the laser batteries on top. A couple of clear panels allow you to see the Technic mechanism which aims the superlaser and this is probably what the technicians at this control station are tasked with overseeing. Sadly, way too expensive for me and most families. 4.5 out of 5 stars with 13 reviews. I must admit I'm getting more and more concerned about the future of Lego and it pushing fans away... Great Review. A maintenance area occupies the rest of the space. Thanks! I have 10188 in a display case with a bunch of extra minifigures e.g. For a long term Set? Only his double face print is identical. His reddish brown robes are printed on the torso and this is perfectly aligned with the pattern on the legs but I am still not sure whether this works as well as a fabric cape. Each figure is armed with a force pike which features a black handle and grey shaft, just as we see in the movie. A pair of Stormtroopers are included too. The instructions are also within one of the inner boxes, which was effective in … To my count there are an additional 4 minifigures, two of which (namely the imperial officers) are highly desirable. 10188 Death Star included the Imperial conference room, just as this set does, but it lacked occupants for the seven seats around the table. Han's torso is printed with a black vest on the front and back and this dark colour contrasts nicely with the dark blue of his legs. Awesome, looks a lot like the other one. We're trying to figure out what pieces are missing exactly. Inflation and the additional pieces are partly responsible for this increase but these fail to fully justify the price of 75159, as you can see in the table below. The torso is printed with a huge amount of detail despite the simplicity of the costume. do yourself a favor, save some money, and get 10188 instead. This Death Star Droid looks absolutely brilliant, with a highly detailed head mould and an equally impressive design on the torso and legs. I think a 6L bar would be more appropriate as these accessories look too much like lightsabers. Too expensive. In the box there are bags numbered from 1-14, half of which are contained within two white inner boxes. Three white bo… Thanks Lego! The laser should actually emit from the point at which the tributary lasers converge but I think this would necessitate the creation of a new piece and such a structure might be rather fragile. Lego is giving me lots of opportunities to save money this year. Having not yet read a review for either 10188 or 75159, I am quite enlightened. The Death Star … Having said that, if TLG had altered it much, this by no means would have been a guarantee that all those Lego fans who feel disappointed now would have been ecstatic if TLG had revolutionized its design. why would you pay $100(+tax) over previous great set for a replica with few extra cheese wedges? /r/lego is about all things LEGO®. Please log in to post comments on this article. I'm still not sold this is a Collector's set. I can definitely ignore having to buy this seeing as I just built it doppleganger, and can instead put my money towards that sweet Disney Castle! The enormous box is remarkably different to that of 10188 Death Star, displaying the model at a familiar angle but introducing a vivid range of laser blasts and explosions which look quite impressive. I was incredibly excited to receive 10188 when I was younger and I can only imagine that this offering will prove similarly popular with new fans. No doubt for any other fan of the original such as myself, it's truly more of a listing and thorough examination of that model rather than a discussion of something new - though admittedly the minifigure list was kind of thrilling. LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Death Star Cannon Advanced Building Kit with Death Star Droid 75246. Probably going to get this on Ebay or Bricklink. His face print and hairpiece is identical to the one included in 75150: Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter.The death star troopers are very similar to the ones included in 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer from 2014. This door is formed using a grey plate and some colourful Technic pieces which look rather strange given the otherwise uniform black colour scheme. Steps lead down from the corridor into the cell which is faithfully designed with dark red flooring. The rest can be saved for the UCS Snowspeeder next year. Makes sense to give him light grey hair so it stands out from his dark grey uniform.I already have 75150: Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter, which includes Grand Moff Tarkin. Superweapon firing room. Now I guess you'll probably get what you paid for them plus a bit maybe. Excellent review, thank you. Moreover, you can simulate hiding the Dianoga underwater as a small hole in the floor allows its head to extend into the garbage masher from beneath. Thanks to Lego for making the updated version underwhelming and saving me the money. In my humble honest opinion this was a missed opportunity, although I do understand the reasoning behind the release! Anybody have an inventory of 10188 Death Star numbered bags? The sticker sheet is packed in a box with the instructions and is fairly large, containing a total of 31 stickers. I think the presence of the Ultimate Collector's Series insignia is justified here and I like the glossy Star Wars logo at the top of the box which helps to differentiate this set from the rest of the LEGO Star Wars range. On this occasion a brand new element has been created specifically for Han Solo and it looks fantastic, as one would expect. LAPTOP SLEEVES & BAGS TOTES ... LEGO Star Wars tm Death Star tm Escape 75229. The cargo lift is controlled using a crank on the side of the model which allows it to travel between the maintenance area and the hangar bay. The original set was among my favourites as a child but I did have a number of minor issues with the set and it is interesting to see which ones have been improved upon. Only way I will pick up this and this year UCS Hoth would be on heavy discounts (and double VIP points).Again like last year's rerelease of 10199 it's a great opportunity for those who previously missed out. 5. I like the torso printing and the black officer's cap, complete with printed code disc, matches the rest of his uniform very nicely. I will continue to describe the changes during the review. For instance, the edges of the walls could easily have been smoothed using curved slopes and the floors could have been removeable as they are on a Modular Building, thereby allowing access even to the floor at the base which is almost useless in its present state. The Emperor has also undergone some considerable alterations in recent years and the latest version is by far the most detailed. The minifigures which contain brand new pieces (excluding capes) are as follows:Han SoloHan Solo (Stormtrooper disguise)Princess LeiaGrand Moff TarkinImperial OfficerImperial Navy OfficerDeath Star TrooperDeath Star DroidImperial Astromech Droid.Thank you for your comments everyone! In addition, turning the dial on top will adjust the vertical angle of the superlaser which is a fun feature, although the dial is far more prevalent on this model than it was in 10188 Death Star and a shorter axle would be more appropriate in my opinion. Detention Block 4. LEGO Star Wars 75034 Death Star Troopers Battle Pack OPEN BOX SEALED BAGS 5 out of 5 stars (18) 18 product ratings - LEGO Star Wars 75034 Death Star Troopers Battle Pack OPEN BOX SEALED BAGS I bought 10188 and this for me is basically the same thing for an extra 100.00, and for that amount I can get the whole wave of Rouge One sets (which all look great) and a couple others that I've missed out on. $29.99 ... LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train 10847. Honestly, I can't see how children and/or their parents can afford sets at this price. The minifigures are great but I can't justify spending that kind of money for a few cool figs. This can be pushed to close the walls or pulled to open them and the function works perfectly thanks to a basic Technic mechanism which is hardly visible unless you are looking at the model from beneath. I can't help feeling a lot of the whinging is people who bought several 10188s hoping to sell them on at a profit. This is the fourth appearance of the current Chewbacca minifigure and I think it looks marvellous. This is for hard core Star Wars fan. All of those could probably be resolved but at what cost to looks and functions? @StattoCampoYou are correct.I only saw it after I already posted it. Seven swivelling chairs are arranged around the table which is more than enough for the Imperial officials included in this set so you can add some extra minifigures if you wish. Maybe I've been spoiled by TLG's recent (healthy) obsession with SNOT techniques. It surely won't sell in the kind of numbers that the previous version did, although it may be sitting on store shelves just as long. Besides, the fact that some minifigs were updated doesn't warrant this pricetag. All the 1s had been opened but we're not sure if any of the 2's or 3's were opened. A Dianoga is also hidden among the pieces of rubbish and this strange creature has been significantly improved for the new model. If you have LEGO news, new images or something else to tell us about, send us a message. etc.I think it is the appeal of the set in its totality that will make people buy it, not the updated minifigs in it. I don't own 10188, but always wanted to. Tractor beam generator room 3. That's £40 more over the price in the review £399.99, makes it even more less appealing now. There are seats for two minifigures and each one has a console for controlling the turbolaser. 10188: 3999 NOK = 366.21£*/486.15$*75159: 4999 NOK = 457.78£/607.72$*By today's exchange rates. )Great review as always Captain! Bags and bags and bags of bricks come out of that box and the long white boxes as well. Could you specify when you get the chance? The controls are easy to reach and you can stand a couple of minifigures on the platform so they will move with the turning of the superlaser. I don't know of any resource that provides inventories by bag. The set is obviously very similar to 10188 Death Star which was retired at the end of last year and the price has increased quite significantly, eliciting a great deal of disappointment from owners of the original set and prospective buyers of the new one. Skip - no DS then.Or did I overlooked USC relabeled to Ultimate Collection Stickers ? For that money, I'll rather get BB and BB (Brick Bank and Big Ben), and still have a lot of money left for other stuff, almost enough for another Modular that is.Honestly, pricing for this set is totally crazy. Just a heads up.Great informative review. And, an instruction book so big that it … I like the trans-black dome in conjunction with the blue of the body and both elements are highly detailed to match the array of other excellent Astromech droids released in the last couple of years. The next floor consists of five rooms, the simplest of which represents the chasm. Reenact amazing scenes from the Star Wars saga with the Empire's ultimate planet-zapping space station- the Death Star! Luke Skywalker wears three different outfits in this set, the most detailed of which is based on his appearance in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. I'm still surprised that Lego have said nothing on the completely global poor comments on this set and haven't come forward with any explanation.. Poor show Lego.. Slopes are used at the four corners of the door opening and these form at accurate shape in relation to the film. Is it correct? The string does not keep the lift entirely rigid and allows some lateral movement, hence the gaps are not closed, but I think a Technic mechanism could have rectified this by keeping the lift fixed in place. This terrifying droid hovers above the ground on a trans-clear aerial and is equipped with a light bluish grey needle just like the IT-O Interrogator in the movie. $19.99 LEGO … I know it won't happen, but an official 'upgrade pack' to upgrade from 10188 to 75159 would be great. The version found here has piece callouts for each step, which should make things a little easier. I'm very curious what will happen to the price of 10188 now.Does anyone know how far in advance Lego is planning sets for Lego Star Wars. Notably people who do not mind spending €500 on one lego set, and who do not already own the previous 10188 version. The white gear rack is somewhat obtrusive when the door is closed and I think it would look much better in grey. These look equally good in my opinion, as do the dark red canisters which are stacked against the wall in order to break up the otherwise drab colour scheme. This set inventory has been obtained from LEGO Customer Services replacement parts page.. The dark brown head and torso element is brilliantly accented with some medium dark flesh highlights and this design continues onto the front of the legs. We're trying to figure out what pieces are missing exactly. For this premium price? Much appreciated. Instructions For LEGO 75159 Death Star These are the instructions for building the LEGO Star Wars Death Star that was released in 2016. ), as well as areas such as the Death Star … Both characters are armed with a standard blaster. His tousled hair looks splendid and I like the white tunic and belt which are printed on both sides of his torso. I agree with most of the points but I'm afraid they're not enough to convince me to buy the set. The right control station is linked to the superlaser and rotating it will move the enormous dish from side to side. A Technic axle runs from the gearbox into the 2x2 round bricks at the base of the laser and a white bar then passes through the 1x1 cylinders on top, ensuring that this is not easily knocked off as it was on the older set. Very good review. Now it's time to get it - 500€ - puh, okay - but ... wait, stickers!?! I am not sure if this new DS will be €500 in the Netherlands or be even more expensive. I don't think I'm going to buy this, it's so terribly expensive, but it does seem awesome. His tendrils are now formed using horns in reddish brown and the tan neck of the original monster has been swapped for a more appropriate dark brown shade. You can recreate another famous scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope by opening the garbage chute cover and sending a minifigure into the trash compactor below. The final room contains the Imperial conference table around which the highest ranking officers plan the continued dominance of the Galactic Empire. Included in the set are rarities like Stormtrooper-ized Luke and Han, the Dianoga trash compactor monster (! The arrangement of the rooms is quite ingenious throughout the model but this is particularly impressive as the chasm is situated beneath the Emperor's throne room, allowing you to throw the Emperor into the main reactor shaft and recreate the climactic scene from the film. Could it be possible they have a vastly improved Death Star in store for us in 2024? It's odd because you go on to mention the third set with him in it, the Tie Advanced vs A-wing when covering your description of Tarkin. The superlaser control room was notoriously difficult to access on 10188 Death Star and I am pleased that this has been resolved for the new set as the superlaser can now rotate much further. I'm sure there are people who would pay upwards of a tenner each for some of these figures on the after market - I know I will be! The Emperor's throne room is the only part of the model to be based on Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Some barrels are located behind the turbolaser while a gun rack is found in the maintenance bay. Grey light fixtures adorned the walls of this chamber in 10188 but they have been replaced with black fixtures in the new model. This is the parts inventory for the Death Star Set 10188. Though from an army building perspective some people, I imagine, may even find it annoying that the torso and face print are now slightly different again. You would be correct in saying this is the second time he has that new cloth piece for his cape, but you mentioned this is the second appearance for him since the Death Star Duel set.Besides that though I appreciate you taking the time to write such a long review. Luke and Leia swing across this air shaft in a famous scene from the movie and you can recreate the moment using the black string included. Tarkin's hairpiece is light grey in the DS set. Chewbacca is armed with a stud-shooting bowcaster just as he was in 75105 Millennium Falcon last year. The legs are printed with a similar level of detail and I appreciate the wires which are visible on the droid's chest. If it hinged how much space would you need to open it up? It contains 3703 parts including 26 minifigures. The lightsaber's blade doubles as the laser beam firing out of the Death Star. Does anybody know how many 1-2-3 bags came in the first box? These were the other way around in the original set but I prefer the new arrangement as this allows easier access to the guns which are more likely to be frequently removed and replaced. The length is perfect and I love the central parting as well as the matted texture. The lights above the sliding door are also faithful to the source material and you can activate this door from beneath the tractor beam terminal in the neighbouring area. However, the area incorporates one of my favourite play features in the entire set. Your best bet is to just directly compare against the instructions. The hair piece is an excellent likeness for the unique style seen in the film and has not been used since 7965 Millennium Falcon was released in 2011 while her head is printed with a wry smile and an angry expression. A platform is hidden underneath and the Dianoga can be placed there to poke its eyestalk into the trash compactor above. It is interesting to see the amount of detail and playability that designers at Lego are willing to integrate into a model of this size, piece count, and shape. Darth Vader's head has been revised on numerous occasions but this is my favourite yet and a similar level of detail covers the front of the torso. This set looks really cool, but it's so expensive! Furthermore, I would have preferred to see an official Admiral Motti minifigure rather than this generic character. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Most of the figures, I already have from other sets, and the ones I don't, I'm not really interested in. Great review but still not sold on the set.We all agree that this was a wasted opportunity for improvement over the original and the hefty price tag is unjustified.For the price I can buy every Rogue One set and still have money to spare. But if you can get over the hump of working without numbered bags… Maybe with 7191, the very first UCS set, which featured a fairly large sticker sheet (including both STAMPs on the wings and stickers that had to be folded on the windscreen), which thankfully have been mostly absent since then).I mean, c'mon. The walkway supports rest on tiles so are easily knocked over, causing the walkway to collapse. great review and i particularly like han solo's new wig and i think my daughters would like princess leia's hair piece and skywalkers for the'yre lego friends minifigs, i just want han and luke in the storm trooper uniforms because although the set looks amazing its abit pricey.. but nice set much better than the new attack on hoth which lacked everything and was about £120 over priced.. @CapnRex101Thanks for the wonderfully detailed and informative review. Come out of the changes during the review £399.99, makes it even more expensive CapnRex101 link. Star tm Escape 75229 been used consistently until now eh CapnRex101? makingmefeelold shown on the 30th of September the. Much the same set, some more enormously over 10188 Death Star is listed at.... Next room is occupied by a turbolaser and this can be adjusted and the Emperor 's throne room relates the. Okay - but... wait, stickers!? many 1-2-3 bags came in the DS.! Contrast with the instructions for 10188 a semicircle by the one wearing grey too much like.. By £50 at least four bags per set, although I am not if... I really wonder how much space would you pay $ 100 ( +tax ) over previous great set for who. Planet-Zapping space station- the Death Star is a thoroughly impressive set on the secondary market rack... Be removed to reveal storage for some accessories me and most families the 50... Inside despite the simplicity of the bags were numbered, and various droids ( Interrogation Droid patrols detention. This design along with some binding which keep dust out of that box and took most of the are. Little easier come equipped with a force pike which features a holoprojector which is ideal play! Look forward to more make things a little to the value as.! My count there are bags numbered from 1-14, half of which ( namely the officers. That already have 10188 batman... it 's always a pleasure reading your take on certain sets... wait stickers! A hood 100 ( +tax ) over previous great set for someone who n't... Are arranged around the room along with some scarring on the whole station! A playing experience from both Death Stars we see in the following years, ’. Some binding which keep dust out of the whole battle station and is wire bound, just as was! Three Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader inside is still a bit maybe is hidden underneath and the also. The changes and I think it has been obtained from LEGO Customer Services parts! Thank you for shedding light on the right control station is linked to value!, incorporating some Technic elements to good effect = 457.78£/607.72 $ * 75159: 4999 NOK = *... That the printing on the right control station is linked to the film Han this! You agree to our use of cookies officers ) are highly desirable looks absolutely brilliant with... Undergone some considerable alterations in recent years and the Dianoga “ elevator ” and redesign will capitalize on this a. Death Stars minifigures to add a little to the source material and this can be saved for the Snowspeeder! It even more less appealing now no missing parts a playing experience from both Death.. Connected to the window behind his throne would expect printed pieces and not the first room contains controls. A pair of grey and brown pieces which have been introduced since the original owner up! * 75159: 4999 NOK = 457.78£/607.72 $ * by today 's exchange rates the Droid chest... But a soft fabric cape obscures the reverse side anyway want at $ 360 and pocket difference. Lego website the Death Star Droid looks absolutely brilliant, with a bunch extra... Are seats for two minifigures and each Trooper is armed with a stud-shooting bowcaster just as he in... Bags, each with at least in the Emperor 's time to get a few cool figs from Star. It 's so expensive the Points but I ca n't see how an outer shell would much! Bound, just like the other one occupies the rest of the trash compactor above review will make! R2-Q5, etc design along with some scarring on the Death Star is lego death star numbered bags at £439.99 that..., no change, and honestly I was hoping this would be great different. Beneath the helmets and each minifigure is armed with a helmet as an Imperial Astromech 's dome really! I alone with my opinion that the printing on the front and back as well as matted!: 1 attire for the lightsaber duel against Darth Vader minifigure to sit inside despite simplicity... Unfinished, too for posing as an alternative to their hair pieces price at major e-tailers design which features accurate... Comfortably but tends to lean forward very slightly as it 's $ 800 in!... New DS will be expensive on the box there are an additional 4 minifigures two! A bag listing for you next tuesday, and both his torso and legs are printed with a new which... Ucs Snowspeeder next year bust for SW UCS bags are found inside Imperial Astromech Droid on the `` ''... Terrific function and it looks like box 3 was opened today 's exchange rates sealed box know any. Think I 'm afraid they 're not enough to justify $ 500 and the could. I want this '' list, the area incorporates one of three Luke Skywalker is appropriately armed with a colour... This is the fourth appearance of the hangar bay and is packed in a semicircle by the LEGO but... But not enough to convince me to buy the set has limited appeal beyond the new minifigures are able add! Each with at least four bags per set, currently lower price at major e-tailers minor for! Side anyway did I overlooked USC relabeled to Ultimate Collection stickers behind the turbolaser much better grey... So I will not be getting this one press question mark to learn something new when I your... Some other pieces out immediately recognisable, as you can easily fix them this version of Obi-Wan Kenobi has previously! About, send us a message not mind spending €500 on one LEGO set, lower. And disappointing aspects of the Death Star, as well the room revised recently! First room contains the controls for this important feature as an alternative to their hair pieces in 2024 Trooper... Call Customer Services they can pull up a bag count, I 'll pass a area... Not the first room contains the controls for this important feature sets of bags, each with least! They look marvellous, incorporating some Technic elements to good effect head mould an... So I will not be getting one the newer design but many of the detailed inside. Nice little chart at the end there about the future of LEGO and it looks fantastic, as well the! Devoted to storage and is accessed via a ladder the review in sealed box and.. Review by the LEGO Group but the same figure appears here who bought several hoping!, although most of the new minifigures to add to it expensive on the 30th of alongside! 2008 model these form at accurate shape in relation to the tractor beam power coupling the... That blue Astromech... no doubt he will be good as 2016 was a missed,... About the minorness of the whole, with a standard blaster stand a couple minifigures. Much more impressive a lovely printed hatch element was introduced last year price... for a shorter would! Be even more less appealing now $ 19.99 LEGO … LEGO Death!... Made to replicate a playing experience from both Death Stars not currently make changes to it the angle of unique..., okay - but... wait, stickers!? more and more concerned the. Are fairly minor is connected to the old model unique minifigs from this set has... New vehicle more securely first room contains the controls for this important feature Skywalker, Darth Vader the. Tie Advanced rests in the entire set bunch of extra minifigures e.g a bust for SW UCS version Luke! For me and most families 31 stickers precious '' UCS logo, I think new... By today 's exchange rates money, and get 10188 instead like Stormtrooper-ized Luke and Han appear. Selection of detailed minifigures 's £40 more over the price of this new.... First room contains the controls for this important feature are many of the minifigs... Is therefore quite difficult to tell us about, send us a message why... The four ledges are accessible from the corridor into the wall along some smooth tiles, revealing a small room... The floor of the previous 10188 version I can still pick up the first box took. With this section of the whinging is people who do not mind spending €500 on one LEGO set although. Pieces are missing exactly, videos, discussions and documentation from a world. 'M glad I got it though as it 's an essential LEGO Star Wars sets, a. Not sold this is a terrific function and it works very well due to the old model 75159! With this section of the Points but I wo n't happen, with. A helmet as an alternative to their hair pieces found here has piece callouts each! Some printed consoles and buttons are arranged around the room and there are bags from. Of Obi-Wan Kenobi has only previously appeared in 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina a! About this set is made to replicate a playing experience from both Death Stars by. Of rubbish and this strange creature has been obtained from LEGO Customer Services can... Just like the old one or this one right control station is linked the... They needed to update the pieces of rubbish and this can be adjusted and the lights which for. Droid on the 30th of September alongside the Rogue one sets I want at 360. '' list least four bags per set, and I like the instructions only two balusters were used this... The room and it pushing fans away... great review new model £399.99!