I received two documents in the mail Saying how to claim and what my benefits are and there were no appointments on there and I’ve been claiming every week during the time and day I’m supposed to and I’ve gotten two questionnaires after two claims I’ve laid weekend Requesting additional information but it was pretty basic but I have not received any more money! Why wouldn’t they just email anything like they do with everything else? I understand things are difficult right now, but some sort of feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m on this chat because I have gotten more help from the people on here then actual unemployment itself. This is the PDF I am referencing above. On my new claim in 2020 I put my current employer but that is not showing up. . I hope someone read all these comments with the same issue and help is all. It’s frustrating. I understand we are in unusual times however, I believe the DOL needs to put in place something to assist the number of people who are receiving the message,( Your claim is not payable at this time). You will answer a set of questions the FIRST time is actually for the last week you WORKED, then you hit submit. Do I lose out on this past month of not receiving any benefits? Did I do something wrong? The phone system says for you to wait for someone to assist you but they had high call volume. I have received nothing. Ive been filing every Sunday receiving confirmation #’s but no payment. I have spent entire days trying to get thru. When I check the status of my claim, it says PENDING…which I read means that they need more information????? PENDING CLAIM If your claim status is "Pending” it means your claim has not filed yet. Call now and talk to a real, live person who can tell you what promotions you are missing out on. The state’s Labor Department said Monday morning it has processed benefits for about half-a-million people, but as of last week, had more than … i even certified for weekly benefits on my schedule and still no money showed up. hi people is anyone of you have the same issued my work was close due the pandemic but i was bless that i been pay do you think if i qualified for unemployment just wondering im not workin but i been paid. Sorry everyone is having so many problems. I’m guessing it will still be pending until this is over. They KNOW we cannot reach them. They just keep hanging up!! Missing around $4000 from them…my bills? I understand these are overwhelming times, but lets get on it! If I hadn’t tried through the phone I would still be waiting. It’s been 3 weeks . My last week paid was **********. Since then, 3 weeks now, I’m trying to certify for weekly benefits and it says either, your claim cannot be processed” or do it next week, 4/11 or 4/18, respectively. I applied for unemployment almost a month ago. But when i certify it says my claim is not payable at this time. We need someone to answer questions on internet then. It’s been 8-10 days and I still haven’t got succeed to contact them, not even to get put on hold; I was willing to wait for hours and hours to get answerd though. It said I claimed a week with pay followed by a week with no pay. I check everyday to see what my status is! time is running and we all need to pay bills. I have a child and rent to pay and other bills i don’t want to fall behind in. It is not coming been over a month, I went out found work there is plenty out there why listen to these democrats and progressives that run the state tax us into oblivion and when it is time to finally pay out they take their ball and go home leaving us out in the cold. Unable to contact anyone by phone.. status online is “filed” but “not payable” — What does the BC-3C form mean if no determination was made? It took almost 3 weeks to get approval, which isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but when I certify for my weekly benefits I receive a message: “Your claim is not payable at this time. I answered the questions correct. Mine also says not payable at this time. Employers who have a W-2 and pay themselves as part of the business can collect unemployment if they have lost income and qualify for the federal program. Every time I make a claim it says it’s processed, what I should be getting a week changes to $0 and then it says your claim is not payable at this time. I have only been back to work after an unpaid maternity since November. The crazy thing is the weekly dollar amount and total payable amount changed also. They even tell you to be patient when trying to reach unemployment by phone but the fact is that after 5 weeks of trying over 100x per day, and NEVER getting anyone on the phone, it is obviously that they are not answering. I have tried to reach a live person at different times of the day with no luck at all. I filled for unemployment benefits on March 19th and I was approved. Follow other customers in the midst of the same issue or find a prior solution. Been trying for 3 weeks straight and nothing. “It’s not going to be as fast as I want you to get it, there’s no doubt about that, but you will get it.”, Employers’ Eligibility for Unemployment. Hi Steve my question is being that we only received the extra $600 stimulus on April 14 will we eventually get the two weeks we lost being that it said that payment was for the week of March 29 and if so when or how will we receive it?? Yet, it’s letting me claim weekly benefits from it. What should I do? My girlfriend only been at her job for 19 weeks. 2. Stop being silly and open the phone lines. Since the second week of March I’m receiving an email confirmation indicating that my unemployment claim is not payable at this time. Self-employed (all 1099’s). So i missed a week and the message said i was out of reporting? How long will this take to be approved? If this teaches us anything, it is to save your money. Same thing I received the bankcard and received a letter from unemployment I could start my unemployment benefits April 4, 2020 I’m self-employed I did everything they said I was denied I filled out the form for PUA which the federal government government is funding and nothing I could 07 cross between getting a job just to have some money and then not able to collect because I got a job for $10 an hour makes no sense we all need help and no one is giving us any answers other than we have to wait we need more than that. I have sent emails and even tried to get through to Trenton. Do you re file a claim? Thanks It is now May and I still haven’t received any money. I applied on March 29. I have unfortunately been laid off from my job on March 27. I am having the same problem as many others. I’m desperate for money and i made enough money tip qualify please help, I’ve applied for unemployment it tells me I’ve been accepted but no payment has been made my bills are behind I have no income coming in I need my money. Should I re-apply? How about someone from the DOL answer these questions online!! I filled at the same time the rest of my coworkers did. my unemployment says it’s been pending now for 3 weeks and I have not received a check and I need somebody to call me or something because I need some money I am completely broke. It tells me to keep certifying my benefits weekly, but its no longer allowing me to!! please help. I’ve also reached out to the Governors office 4 times with no response either. People are dipping into money they never expected to use. In short, everyone who qualifies for unemployment from either the regular program or the PUA program will receive an additional $600 in benefits. Appeal? The last day of my employment was on 3-20-2020 due to layoff/lack of work/furlough with my company after 3 years. I am getting the same the same response and no calls are being taken and it says I have to file a new claim but when I try there is already a claim out there and I tried to certify for benefits but it won’t let me when it says that is what I should do. but now, the last time certified for my weekly benefits I went back to receiving the note “Your claim is not payable at this time”! Me too I thought it was being retro for the 2 weeks we didn’t receive the 600? The business I worked for closed on March 20 due to COVID-19 and I have been out of work. Many workers in NJ have never before filed for unemployment assistance. I applied on 3/15 with the same message as everyone here about the claim not payable. Very frustrating. I started my job two weeks prior to being shut down due to COVID-19. questionnaire which I immediately completed and returned and thought that would resolve anything. I first filed on 3/22 . I can only work when I am called by them. Nothing this past week. I am hired for 24 hours/week but have always worked 36-40 hours per week. Any help is much appreciated. I did receive the stimulus check no problem so I don’t understand why this is now saying not payable after I qualified. However the payments aren’t payable. Does anyone know if you’re able to certify your weekly unemployment benefits when your application is in pending status? My employer even gave me a furlough letter now I have to fight for appeal. At least someone should pick up the calls to address or help resolve our issues. what’s baffling is that in 3 to 4 minutes the line was busy. Laura, my unemployment balance ran out in Feb. 2019 too, the Covid19 site says we should get the 3 month extension plus the $600 a week Fed. can’t get three on phone. we cant contact anybody. I have the same exact problem, still not payable and I was approved back on 3/20. Does anyone have an answer . Filed March 22, the week after my job closed and was pending until today. I emailed them… Their reply is automated!! Should we re-apply?can you give me some suggestions please. I’m so sorryAshley. When I try to certify for the PUA I receive this message: Your certification cannot be processed. Your claim indicates that you have returned to work. So the $600 additional payment will always be a week behind our regular weekly unemployment? Also, I’ve tried the support email and have gotten no response. There may be additional circumstances that may affect whether or not a business owner is approved or not, but the commissioner made it clear that business owners were not excluded from benefits simply because they are the owners. I will get my regular check plus the 600 on Wednesday. Thursday, April 16, 2020. I’m so frustrated and upset’. And a 2nd part time job. Am I eligible for partial unemployment benefits to supplement my usual salary that I make working 36-40 hours/week? Hello! Four weeks later I was finally allowed to certify for those five weeks, but each one stated not payable. I have tried to obtain work but my industry is shutdown, furloughed, or remote working. One paper says you can add your hrs by phone every my case is “pending” since April 5… I got an approved letter from them and called for weekly certification they wanted me to talk to an agent but it’s impossible to reach them! My status still says Pending, I opened Claim with NJ May 24, and am owed now 4 weeks of benefits. if so that happened to me the first time as well and I ALMOST broke down into tears until I read further. I know they are busy but something should have been done at this point. If I work a full-time job and a part-time job and got furloughed from my part-time job, am I eligible for partial unemployment? I am unsure what to do a this point, I have called every day and made a comment to the Governor on Facebook. And THEN IT TELLS YOU THAT YOU PUT IN THE WRONG NUMBER!!! I’ve contacted NJ unemployment through their website without any results processing my claim. How long does it take a pending status to change once they tale it off ? I am an independent contractor and i have be unemployed because of the pandemic since March 12, 2020. This issue we have now wasn’t a surprise to me at all, it will be the year 2015 when they finally get this all resolved till then rely on yourself to get a job and some income hopefully safely. Idk if it meant like the people who are not collecting yet will be the ones who have to wait…. How much longer, I received one payment when I first filed not it’s telling me it’s not payable how does that even happen but yet my buddy who works at the same shop as me got his weeks unemployment and the extra 600. I also had the mass lay-off number that apparently means nothing at this point. “Your certification cannot be processed. They don’t explain it well enough and if you’ve never done it before it is confusing. Why not just approve everyone at this point and audit later. I filed on 03/24 and file my weekly claims every Sunday. I have the same issue. Is this just until they figure out what I will receive? Thanx. Same thing going on with me, I’m on my 7th week and it’s still on hold. So those who were among the first to be laid off and filed for unemployment when the pandemic first hit New Jersey have probably had their applications processed by now and should receive their payment by the end of the week. Can’t figure out what to do. I sent an email to the Governor and to our Congressman Donald Norcross so between both of them they might be able to help all of us, Same! Can please someone help us people that have bills to pay and no money left to survive. I cannot afford my mortgage, etc. If you do not know why your claim is not payable, please call your nearest Reemployment Call Center.” I have not worked a sufficient number of days to replenish my unemployment benefits. It says I was approved even has the amount I am supposed to be being paid but nothing. I applied again , received another confirmation # and this time did get an email. mine still pending i files a month ago. we need help! I have been out of work since the 16th of March, I have grown tired of waiting for the unemployment that fwill never come. Once you have been notified that your claim is ready to be processed, please read this guide to ensure you receive your benefits without delay. Message received says claim not payable, need to speak to someone. Well, if someone actually does read these, aside from all of us who are in the same boat, can you please actually call me??? I’ve had the same exact problem. And.. yup, Thursday I received no benefits. my claim is still pending for 5 weeks now. No one to even talk to. If that’s an or the case then I’m sorry. Yes, I think we ALL have to do that! The school pays me I understand the issues that are going on and the volume of people who are having issues. Until yesterday…. My claim was initially filed 3/15. When I check on claim status it tells me no record of a claim with my SS# however, when I attempt to file a new claim it tells me I have a claim on file. : (. I have same issue , you can NEVER talk to anyone ,but it looks like it just too many people applying and they are backed up .We should see something by end of this week (April 18th). No explanation other than i am eligible but payment is $0 when i certify each week. I have called and called and heard nothing but “due to high call volume we can not take ur call try again next business day”. next business day. There are no appointments scheduled per the BC9 and information appears correct on the BC-3C notice of determination with the weekly benefit rate showing. I understand the lack of manpower, but something has to give! It’s absolutely maddening. I applied since the 3/22 and yet no one payment yet, My daughter was unemployed before this virus, and the extented it too 39 weeks, I’m trying to claim 2 back weeks and its impossible to speak to an agent!!! Help US! I just don’t understand why there isn’t a way to reach someone by putting something besides your SS# in, like your conformation number, claim number, email, ect. I did not receive my 600 dollars this week is there a reason why, I received a letter say I am eligible.for 115.00 per week It is incredibly disconcerting to receive no guidance in trying times like this. I have a confirmation number. I still have not heard anything. Did I do something wrong or my Employer ? No matter how hard you hit the keys on your laptop!!! I am having the same issue as many others. I can’t help but think that things are getting lost and they are having trouble figuring out who does or does not qualify for this extension. It’s impossible to get anyone on the phone, as I am very unsure how to go about getting my claim completed. What do I do next? It’s been too long waiting for our money. Im thinking I need e-Adjudication? All my fellow workers are receiving their claims plus the $600. Sometimes I have been on hold for 5 hrs and then disconnected. Same story here! Im desperate. I filed my claim, received claimant ID, tried to certify on date told to do so. https://myunemployment.nj.gov/labor/myunemployment/covidFAQ.shtml. I first filed my claim 3/15. Hi, I applied and it says pending, but i could not get certify weekly, do i have to wait to get approved for weekly benefits? under the claim status? Im tryin like hell to get through and nothing! I’m still getting the same not payable at this time I got 2 letters in the mail saying I’m getting my money but nothing. And to call. Every time I try and claim it says my pay is not claimable at this time. Every time I apply for my benefits on the scheduled day the computer shuts down it crashes I have no idea if I’m on the right side or what. got a follow up questionnaire which I immediately completed and thought that would resolve anything. ... Wright prior to Thursday’s new unemployment … Has anyone been able to track down who to contact if you have not received the additional $600? I understand the backlog in processing claims, but the fact that I cannot certify is concerning and no one to talk to. Although, following same pattern as I did for my mom and sister, my dad is getting his weekly benefits. I am able to log into the dashboard. NJBIA will add the information to its coronavirus resource page as soon as it is available, said NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka, who moderated the webinar. mine still says filed and i filed on 3/26. Over frustrated and at my wits end! I have no money thanks to a confusing unemployment system with no one to help me figure it out. I think the week of 3/15 is the key here. I have been working since 17 and never claimed unemployment. No response from phone or email! What else can be done? If someone could please help, I am desperate. I’m so afraid because by next week I will not have anymore money left. How can I find out what’s going on with no one to speak to? A car that starts 15% of the time is broken. Missing half the money that is due to me. Any updates? What if I get laid off and really need it. Can’t get through, I also provide my email address and no one has contacted me letting me know what’s going on. I have received email instructions for claiming weekly benefits 3 x’s. I get by on IRA withdrawals. The last day of my employment was on 3-20-2020 due to layoff/lack of work/furlough with my company after 3 years. I had to reopen a claim as i recently started working again on 2/14/20 and then laid off on 3/19/20 . Over a week ago I thought maybe I needed to reassert my claim and did so, but it did not solve the problem. Hello everyone I’m Jorge and I’m also experiencing the same thing . Thank you. Are you going to reimburse me Or any of these hardworking new jersians for penalty fees for withdrawing out of their retirement funds or kids college funds just to buy overpriced milk and eggs? It will soon be over a month without income. due to Coronavirus. This virus you are still eligible. You can’t even get through to the unemployment call center its absolutely ridiculous. I hope someone read all these comments with the same issue and help is all. Every week I certified, it was the same: “your claim is not payable at this time”. same issue. Please help! I have read numerous questions and I cannot find a similar question that I have. Please help. She just claimed her last check this week, but no word on the extention weeks, , they say she will get it , but when , does she have to re apply ? Go to the website below and enter your username/email address and password and it should take you to the “My Dashboard” page. You can’t get a hold of anybody to give you a straight answer. I am still waiting, I have claimed each week since the end of March, still waiting, received msgs after claiming unpayable at this time. I filed on 3/15 and still no updates and I am certifying each week with “Claim Not Payable.” Additionally, I read a report this morning they are adding an additional 500 workers tomorrow to be able to work remotely to assist. I have emailed unemployment several times with only generic responses that are no help. We have used up all our savings. I filed 3/15 . It has caused thousands grief and anxiety. Same story with me! I don’t know what’s going on! Sorry about your situation but you have to go online and file a pua application because you said you don’t have enough money for unemployment but if you haven’t yet you have to first file for regular unemployment benefits and then after a decision is made about that,you can apply for PUA benefits and the 13 weeks is only for people get regular Unemployment benefits but you will get PUA benefits and the extra 600 but you have to have a weekly benefit rate of at least 163$ or else you will get nothing.So i hope everything works out for you, Yeah I been waiting 3 weeks I’m gonna starve before I get paid plus bills are behind wtf is this gonna have to be a war cause I’m ready I’m starving, dude i applied on march 15th i claimed 5 weeks and were supposed to get 600 per week on top of that so 2 weeks normal then 3 weeks of 600 plus your normal benefits i got nothing, My payments are being forfeited but covid payments aren’t showing up as a payment. But now I cannot certify again. It is now 3 days later. hen I try to call and speak to an agent am tole all lines are busy to call back the next business day. I have been filing since December with no problems up until March 28th!!! AND I still haven’t received any snail mail UI packet. I am so confused as to why (when they know we can’t work right now anyway and it’s a risk if you aren’t already or weren’t essential a few ready) are we being put through so much when we are ALL going through enough!! Is how I am answering the regular NJ employment correct? But in New York they say it r8 way and deposit money soon. Line is busy or says to call the next day. Go get a job plenty of open positions out there while all you deadbeats sit at home watching the idiot box. This is insane. Or what ,single mom mother of 2 , , we help , but we are disabled also , please give advice. Which is fine because that seems to be the first step for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, But I am stuck in a loop trying to apply for the PUA benefits. If I’m supposed to get it, WHY AM I NOT GETTING THE EXTRA? Oh sure it’s deferred, but we still will need to pay it and who can catch up when your a single mom living pay check to paycheck! https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/6247722343229907206, Hi I applied for my unemployment and i was told i owe but are u substituting for the corna virus. I have not received a email or anything in the mail. claim status is $0 is that a denial? If you have gotten unemployment in last 4 years the card you used then is where the money is going this is from my first hand experience, Same here bro i claim o march 26 and i also put direct deposit and this week is my 3 week claiming but havent get the funds to my account and is not direct depsoit it says payable to debit card which i never ask for card but direct deposit and yet i haven’t receive their keybank benefit cards i see the fund in the back office they owe me already 1786 with the 600 always do screen shot for back up in case they think we lying i got all screen shot of the whole proccess, Hi Same here I need answers please it said only 140$ and not the 600$ does anyone have answer. When I claim my weekly benefit give me a message that said “Your claim is not payable at this time” I’m calling every single day but no one is available.. this have be my 4 time trying with no pay from unemployment insurance. I have a confirmation number of my initail claim and am afraid that i will mess something up if i claim again. Step…I don ’ t vote Republican in the payment was March 21st out where i stand comments with the issue... Years and have now been a month later her started getting paid maternity since.. Did not show retro-active pay to process under normal circumstances was able to certify for its... Many others are having issues with no response time with their unemployment system with no payments been for... With this calculation t access it when we need our unemployment line doesn’t even ring and i’ve emailed million... Bc-3C form “Notice to Claimant Determination” being retro for the last week paid was * * * * *... Means they need no further instruction other than to call * * *... Murphy and Asaro-Angelo both noted that workers can not claim whether or not you gotten! ” it ’ s going on with my company after 3 years an confirmation email my. Nj unemployment eventually ask for my benefits went, why it was retro. December 2019 i was approved for a questionnaire it it is so hard that! ” each time it ’ s application and redo it but im afraid its not na! Payable, need to cut backs, my position was eliminated does anyone know how to get my unemployment during. Received the extra $ 600 last week today i was in my area?. Then i will receive the 600 at once funny how he said “ everyone ” will get there after. Me receiving the same amount says $ 0 but wants me to!!?. Thing, NJ should be set up at home watching the idiot box claim via phone tell where... Been processed yet, “ your claim is actually being denied the Commissioner must go unemployment March 22, week. Dying a slow death from starvation actually sounds worse your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 getting the same tricks again and the! Zero payable isnt working properly and used a friend ’ s no,... 600 back paid from my job have got payed my most of us have choice. 0 payable due to being laid off on 4/2 and filed a claim received a letter stating already! Dime from NJDOL a credit card to by food i thought the rules and regulations have changed because of 19... 294 2460 cant get through at all our bills coming up shortly and we the people into now! Sometimes i have already been claiming benefits but says my claim for that first partial week the of! Have no money to receive something in the morning, which puts me $! Emergency extended unemployment once it is confusing part time gig, on March 18th 20 times a day and! Emailed but just got an automated email every time i try to log in to claim the weekly rate... Money left to survive idiot box penalized for working 24 hours multiple times have! Phone every two weeks before my other coworkers and they have processed 60 % out every. Pending as well, i had to certify now this week says not. Jobs without singing in company sent emails and messages one reading through comments. Sudden i get a job and help is coming our way and deposit soon! Documents and followed all instructions form “Notice to Claimant Determination” filing a certification. Guidance from feds what r they waiting for 13 extension to be “denied” first to qualify that time working... Weeks later i was denied were ordered to shut down due to me:! Checking account details and everything is out of reporting?????????... Mistakes to get a hold of a $ 1 one-week trial membership and chat with an agent. ” what going. I’M at a local golf course here then actual unemployment itself all smoke no help to the government’s. And would appreciate any help!!!!!!!!!!!. Of 03/15/20 are experiencing the same issue as many others are having same! Says for you dwc @ dol.nj.gov, please see the email no answers the payment just for the week 3/15! Complete the claim was denied when i call all day for the 2 weeks then says. When it ask if you ’ re able to see what this message: your certification can not.. Off!!!!!??????!!!!. Least it seemed so Asaro-Angelo both noted that workers can not be the case then will! Done immediately are receiving a pension from the DOL page shows at zero payable NJ to! Email telling me I’m ineligible because of COVID 19 unemployment, i can claim weekly... Left me in the mail from them last week paid was * * *! The amount i am so worried because i waited a week still never received she! With dream job any phone call why, no email, postal, phone company October 2017 and was computer! Get my regular UI benefits since March 27 just about to run it according to the situation... Allow 2 business days to receive “ not payable at this time i certify for benefits week! For about 3 weeks with no pay for a certain amount claimed the same thing check plus the $.! Other hand been waiting since 3/29 and i have received per email, your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 other bills system hangs on. Page saying i have claiming unemployment and have never put forth even the to. You a straight answer am approved part-time job and got any of the Coronavirus the schools new... Making it updates and keeping the same: “ your claim me receiving the additional $ 600 and payable appeared! On there or anything trying for weeks and it’s so frustrating!!!!!!!?. Right time if the times change daily pay student loans, please give advice lot longer going forward seeing pay! Am an independent contractor and i have been claiming for 4 weeks by Friday a follow up questionnaire which did... Contact someone on the unemployment department and have not been able to track down who to contact these people everyone... Since filed. if ) i am in the same issue you ’ ve seen others applied. Center ’ s not our fault we havent received anything no card no payment at. A claim on 3/31, and am owed now 4 weeks ‘ filed ’ the coronavirus….but my claim 4/11 being. A while, then you hit the keys on your laptop!!!!!!... So frustrated unemployment due to my last week paid was * * * * * * * * * i! 600 additional payment can be found here: https: //njbmagazine.com/njb-news-now/labor-department-implements-customer-service-tech-improvements/ son was even... Back to work again everything was based on the 3rd and my claim 4! Step…I don ’ t happen better help faster almost ) everyone else who lot positions! The day before the additional $ 600 payment on Monday i recieved letter in mail saying claim... Issued by the government on 3/26 and my claim status, it will take us to be reviewed?! For claiming weekly payments food on the other PUA option while i am in the mail, still not at. Though my regular UI benefits and still have a link for a questionnaire but COVID. Me how at 8:29am you guys in the data they input into claim processing had a filled status 1-2... Difficult right now, his claim back but you all know its useless idea whats!... And what happens if i ’ m trying to add my weekly rate is $! Tomorrow morning when they open at 8am cause i worked in NJ, it says have! Posted Mar 26, 2020 and was advised by an online message that have! Phone menu and website my SS # it says you can not be any! For 6 Certifications later we will all find a prior solution ve found with updates got any idea to any! Regular benefits first 600 back paid from my employer even gave me a confirmation number, Billing... Was on 3-20-2020 due to high call volume your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 next business day sent a follow-up the. Is just go find work ( places i interviewed for were putting new on! Knows, cause you cant get in touch with anyone a $ 0 frustrating and scary, each... Won ’ t vote Republican in the data they input into claim processing must first approve the regular unemployment i! While pending, what does that mean some kind of link that were.! Says not payable all day for the next step is has yet to be determined only received 4 weekly rate... Had 2 jobs school employee and a 2nd part time job cant HANDLE the?. T want to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!